Madness [Egregious NonCon] [M30sF20s]

It had gotten to the point where if I didn’t have her I was gonna lose my fucking mind.

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I was falling behind at work. Every minute I spent away from my front window was a chance I’d miss her coming or going. I’d mesmerized her schedule and made sure I was around at her regular times, but no one sticks to a schedule 100 percent and I couldn’t stand the chance I’d miss an opportunity.

It’d gone way past the point of obsession. She was fucking up my life. Not having her was fucking up my life.

Judge me all you want. You haven’t seen this girl. You haven’t seen what she does to me.

You haven’t seen how tight she wears her clothes, how she flaunts her curves in front of me.

You haven’t seen how short she wears her cute summer dresses, how she swung her hips when she walked just so her dress would flutter in front of me.

You haven’t seen how three times a week, without fail, she’d come out early in the morning wearing leggings that cupped her ass just perfectly. How she’d walk down to the side walk, turn around to put one foot on the stairs and bend over to “tie her shoes” – just so she could wiggle her ass at my house.

If you’d watched her like I have, you’d find out. The woman was driving me out of my god damn mind. I didn’t have a choice.

I knew what night she usually came home late, after it was already dark. And I knew a spot in her yard that offered deep shadows – and coincidently an excellent view into her bedroom.

I waited in the shadows for hours. I got there early to make sure I wouldn’t miss her, and she came home later than usual. It was like she knew I was there and was purposely making me wait longer. Eagerness and nerves turned into a dark, boiling anger as I waited. I was fucking livid by the time she showed up.

I waited until she had her keys in the door before I made my move. I rushed her and slammed my shoulder into her back just as the door started to open. Her body slammed into the door, the door slammed into the wall – hard enough to punch a hole in the drywall – and she went flying across the floor.

I stumbled a bit from the impact and had to right myself before I could close the door behind me and lock the deadbolt. Those few seconds gave her enough time to react. By the time I looked back at her she was scrambling away from me on all fours.

She scurried on her hands a feet for a few steps until she could push herself into her feet and she bolted through the house. She was in the living room before I started to chase her.

She darted behind the couch and turned down a hallway. It was a mad, reckless sprint and she didn’t take the corner well. Her momentum pushed her into the wall with a heavy thud.

It slowed her down enough that I was only a few steps behind her and by the time she reached the bedroom I was almost within grasping reach. She dove into the bedroom and tried to slam the door in my face.

I just lowered my shoulder and crashed straight through the door. The door slammed into her, knocking her flying to the floor again.

I stood over her just staring for a moment. It was the closest I’d ever been to her and my heart was about to explode out of my chest.

She shook the cobwebs from her head, staring at me with utter shock and terror. She crab-crawled backwards away from me until she ran into the wall.

That’s when she finally started screaming.

I crossed the distance between us in an instant, grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up on her feet. I clamped a hand over her mouth, cutting off her scream, and slammed her into the wall.

“Shut up!” I sneered. I slammed her into the wall again. “I said, ‘shut up’”

That settled her down a little. She stopped screaming and just looked at me with wide, terrified eyes.

“You did this,” I said, venom dripping in every word. “You drove me to this.”

I held her against the wall with a hand over her mouth and ran my other hand over her body. I grabbed a tit, squeezing it hard enough to make her squirm.

“This fucking body,” I growled. I grabbed her other tit, squeezing even harder. “These fucking tits. Day after day I’ve watched you flaunt this body, teasing me, driving me mad.”

I leaned myself into her, letting her feel how hard my cock was beneath my pants. I groped and kneaded her tits, one then the other, back and forth. I didn’t have enough hands to touch her everywhere I wanted at the same time.

“Do you see what you do to me? What you’ve made me do? Do you feel how what this body has driven me to?”

Tears were streaming down her face. I ran my tongue up her cheek, licking away her tear as I slid my hand down between her legs.

“No, not yet,” I murmured. “You don’t feel it yet. But your going to.”

I rubbed her pussy through her pants while still holding her head against the wall. I lifted her on to her tiptoes by her pussy and worked my fingers between her legs, slow and hard.

“You’re going to,” I repeated. “You’re going to feel every bit of the madness you created. You’re going to take every drop of anger you’ve stirred from flaunting your body but holding back this pussy from me.”

My bared my teeth in a vicious smile as I continued to play with her body.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it? You did this on purpose. You drove me to this because your desperate little pussy needs to be taken hard and rough. This was your plan all along.”

I saw the switch go off in her eyes. In a blink her eyes went from terror to fury. She snapped, like a street cat trapped in a bag. She tried to shove me off her. She swung wildly, slashing at my face with her nails. She got me with a couple stinging cuts and my vision went red with anger.

I let go of her mouth and wrapped my hand around her throat. I pulled her toward me and slammed her into the wall. One. Two. Three times. I slapped her across the face. Again and again. I don’t even know how many times.

“This is your fault!” I bellowed. “You did this!”

I flung her onto the bed. She tried to scramble away from me but I grabbed her feet and drug her back to the edge of the bed.

I grabbed a fist full of her hair and shoved her face first into the mattress. I shoved my fingers into the waistband of her pants and jerked. It took several violent tugs to get her pants down to her ankles – of course they were on tight, how else would she flaunt her ass?

I held her down while I shoved my pants down to my knees. She was kicking wildly, twisting and squirming. I had to kick her legs aside and lean into her to get myself positioned. Even then it was a chaotic mess trying to hold her still so I could finally shove my dick in her.

She screamed when I entered her – two brutal thrust to bury myself inside her – but the mattress muffled her scream.

“This is your fault,” I growled as I slammed into her again. I started slow, with measured, violent thrusts.

“Look what you make me do.” Thrust. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” Thrust.” You drove me to this!” Thrust.

Slowly my anger leaked out. The aggression absorbed by her body and slowly replaced with the thrill of the feel of her.

I started pumping into her faster and faster and my words started coming out more fractured and nonsensical.

“This pussy”
“So good”
“Fucking tight”
“Take it”
“Take it”

I leaned my weight into her head and pummeled her pussy, unleashing weeks worth of frustration and desire. Her entire body bounced off the mattress and I slammed into her again and again.

I planted my knees into the mattress, and jerked her head back by her hair. She gasped for breath as I slammed into her one final time, burying myself deep inside her as I pumped her full of my cum.

“Fuuuck,” i growled as I ground myself deeper inside her. “That’s a good pussy.”

I released my grip of her hair and let her fall back onto the mattress, my dick sliding out of her as she dropped. I rolled her onto her back and climbed on top. I climbed up until I was straddling her chest and my dick was hanging above her face.

“Look at this,” I sneered. “My cock is covered with your cream. I knew you wanted this.”

I held her head still and wiped my dick off on her face. “You did this. This is what you were after all along.”

I climbed off her and started rummaging around her closet. After a minute or two I found what I was looking for. When I came back to her she was curled up in a ball, her pants still bunched up around her ankles.

“Pull your pants up,” I ordered as I threw the bag I found on top of her, “and start packing. You’re coming with me.”

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