Madeout with an Old Woman

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Hi everyone. It’s my first time writing here!

I (M25) met a woman (F40) at a houseparty and we instantly clicked. We had bunch of drinks and puffs together and parted methods after I helped her lie down in bed and sleep. Fast forward a month later, she invited me over to drinks at her place. Remind you that she is divorced. We drank alcohol for more than 4 hours after which we felt tired so decided to end the day. I felt ordinary while she was completely drunk. I helped her lie down in bed after which she asked me to be with her for a while. We ended up cuddling and kissing on each other’s cheeks. During the process, I was playing with her body always but wasn’t going under her clothes to reach her assets. At one point, our lips touched each others’ and after that it completely changed. We kissed passionately for next 15 minutes and I started playing with her boobs and trying to insert hand in her panties. She saw that happening and immediately removed her bra. I took that as a sign and pulled out her left boob from her shirt and started kissing that. It felt like her body got an electric shock and she became instantly active. Seeing that, I increased my intensity too and started to suck her nipples as strong as feasible. Minutes later, she removed her shirt and both of her boobs were accessible to me. I started giving attention to both babies and she wasn’t able to control her moans. I took it a step further, went down on her, removed her panties and started licking her vagina. I inserted a finger in her and she was completely wet! Sadly, we didn’t take it any further and continued that way for a while. After which, we moved back to kissing and cuddling and were basically inseparable for next 4-5 hours. In the morning, we gave a hug to each other and I left for my home.

I am meeting her again in a couple of days and what can I do to spice things up or make it more memorable? Just a disclaimer, we are gonna be friends only.

NSFW: yes

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