M&A #3 [M30][F30][Workplace][Oral]

You could hear the bell chime as the door was opened on a cozy lobby. The desk and chairs were painted gold by the late evening sun coming in through the windows. Mike tried his best not to make a sound but the bell was unavoidable.

“I’m sorry but we are closed for the day,” Ashley called from the other room as she finished tidying the exam room for the day. She turned around to see Mike standing in the doorway, leaning one forearm against the trim. It was really fucking unfair how good he looked after a days work, she wondered. His sweaty cubs t-shirt, tan from being under the hot sun all day, and work jeans with the rawhide gloves tucked in a back pocket Even the mud on his boots looked put there by design. The setting light caught his dark scruff and a mischievous smile.

“Then I came at just the right time,” Mike said. His tall frame closed the gap to Ashley in just a few strides. He wrapped his muscular arms around her and tucked them down her scrubs so Ashley felt his rough hands grab both ass cheeks. His pale lips pressed hard against hers and Ashley took a moment to just breath him in. He shouldn’t smell this good, she wondered.

His strong hands grabbed under her butt and he effortlessly lifted her onto the counter. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he lifted her above the counter just enough to slide off her scrub bottoms. As they continued to kiss, she could feel his warm hands against her cool thighs, massaging them after being on her feet all day long.

He began kissing her cheek and working his way down to her neck, she could feel the scruff rub against her skin. He nibbled into her neck and rubbed the ache away in her calves. His kisses migrated to her collar bone and chest over her scrub top, and downward to her thighs. The scruff against her thighs was a familiar and welcome sensation.

His kisses worked their way up her thigh and she could feel the heat of his skin against her increasingly wet underwear. He pulled her underwear to the side with a thumb and kissed her gently once before she felt his tongue press against her. She lost her breath and dug her fingers into his dark curly hair. He sucked her clit and pressed against it with the flat of his tongue back and forth. She could feel his hot breath on her as her thighs began to wriggle in pleasure over his shoulders.

His pressure and frequency increased and he teased her nipples through her scrubs with one hand while the other held her firmly in place by holding her lower back. She could feel herself pushing into his mouth so she could feel more and more of him. She could feel the sensation rising inside her, a crescendo building. Her muscles tightened and her legs around his head became rigid as she moaned and came. She felt the stress of her day ebb away with heartbeat. He looked up at her with a lopsided grin.

“Ready to go home?” He asked rhetorically.

“Almost,” she said and she stood up off the counter, pulled up her bottoms and pushed him back towards a wall. Now it was her turn. She kissed him hard, tasting herself on his lips. Her hands explored under his shirt. The best part of an honest days work were the results, she wondered. She pulled his shirt up and kissed down his sweaty chest and abs, pausing at a favorite scar of hers. At his belt she made quick work of dropping his pants to the ground. His hard cock already dripping with precum, she quickly took all of him in her mouth. She could feel him at the back of her throat, throbbing with every play of her tongue.

She moved quickly, taking him all the way in and the pulling out to play with just the tip. She alternated between him being in her mouth and in her hands. Every time she looked up he would give her the proudest smile. She could see how proud he was in his light green eyes.

“Good girl,” he said after she took him so deep down her throat that his balls were against her chin. Her nose pressed against his abs as she kept one hand on his stomach and the other grabbing his ass. She could feel his fingers in her hair and he began to gently thrust into her mouth.

“Ashley, I’m going to cum,” he confessed breathlessly. Empowered, she redoubled her pace making it too much for him to bear. She felt him release in her mouth, felt his body and grip relax and a satisfied growl escaped him. After picking up his pants from around his ankles he scooped her up in his arms, her legs around his waste and kissed her long and tenderly.

“Now can we go home?” He teased.

NSFW: yes

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