[M33/F33] She is a connoisseur [cum eating][masturbation]

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*Kink Content: Cum eating, masturbation*

The hotel lobby was as gorgeous from the interior as it was impersonal from the atmosphere it did create up. The shiny golden luster hanging from the ceiling, the gorgeous gigantic oil paintings covering each wall, the comfortable, but yet elegant furniture with that particular antique touch, the squared tiles of patterned polished stone on the floor: it all was welcoming and yet unwelcoming at the same time. It was one of those rooms able to spark sheer excitement but which subtly at all times did remind one of not overstaying it’s classy invitation of spending time there.

Which she didn’t plan to do anyway. Daphne was sitting in one of the many sitting isles in the lobby which allowed one to have a good observing view of what was happening around, but yet private enough not to get noticed by any passersby. With her head resting on the back of her hand and the elbow on the armrest, the fingers of her other hand were mindlessly touching the display of the smartphone, opening links and closing them, but with no real intention of actually seeing the content. It was more like a subtle self-deceiving way to have a reason to check for new notifications.

She expected him to wimp out like men at all times did when it was time to walk the walk after having done talking the talk. It would not have been the first time for her that nobody showed up at an arranged appointment, even though they at all times did assure that it would be one of their deepest sexual fantasies coming to life. And yet, they at all times failed to keep up their part of the promise. It was so frustrating to a point that she often considered refraining to try again, but that irrational part of hope inside her at all times persuaded herself to give it a new try, despite the small odds for success.

“I wonder what *your* excuse is going to be …?”, she mumbled to herself while giving the website on her smartphone another reload, “Or are you one of those weasels who simply will vanish away without saying a single word?”. She could feel the warmth of the paper bag wrapped pastry, which she had bought just a few minutes before entering the hotel lobby and which now was resting on her thighs. Part of the wrapping was already transparent due the absorbing of the grease and it was probably the only highlight awaiting her for this so far pretty unspectacular day.

After a few more reloads with silence on the notification tab, she finally decided to put away the smartphone and reach out for the paper bag. It had been worth a try, even if it ended up as expected. Just when she was about to unwrap the pastry, someone at the entrance got her attention. It was a little bit odd as people were entering and leaving the hotel at all times, but she instantly knew that it was *him* despite she had only a rough description of his appearance which pretty much could fit a third of men in the lobby with a certain will of interpretation. Maybe it was just a gut feeling and there was no evidence for her assumption at all, but she simply *knew* it was him.

It was everything and nothing at the same time which made her to be so sure about that: The way he was dressed, his movements, the awkward behavior and everything else he did or not did, had or had not. That guy was like an actual and perfect representation of the person with whom she had been regularly online messaging back and forth during the last few weeks. And he was as average as one could be with a noteworthy (and very common male) talent of having absolutely no sense for putting a decent outfit together. T-shirt, pants and shoes – it was such a bad matching, that it was good in a way. And it was amusing (as long as she was not his girlfriend) which she could not deny.

It didn’t take him long to recognize her, which was not that surprising as he actually had a recent (and more or less) half-anonymous photo of her, that made his task a bit easier than hers. Plus she was the only young person with dyed ethereal white hair in the lobby which pretty much made the search like one of those quizzes where they wanted everyone being able to answer the first question. Still, the way he approached her was overly cautious. He reminded her a bit of a deer who had just discovered a feeding ground and was trying to be aware of all dangers ahead while getting closer. This behavior made the bossy personality trait of her kick in which she normally did restrict to certain fantasies.

Usually she would have talked with the guy first for some time until both were comfortable and relaxed enough to consider moving on to the hotel room for an intimate time – which was the main purpose of this casual meeting. But this time she felt different due to the whole situation. She had tasted her bossy personality, and it would go so well with what they had planned. And to break down this encounter as pure as it could get kink-wise was secretly one of her deepest fantasies. Therefore instead of inviting him to take a seat next to her, she stood up just at the moment he arrived with a confident voice pretending as everything was just as agreed beforehand. “Ah, here you are. Nice to meet you, let’s move to the room, right?” Like a time-stressed manager she stood up and headed in direction of the elevators which practically denied him to have any talk in that decision other than mumbling a short and confused ‘Hello’ and then following her.

They passed the elevator ride with a bit of small talk which seemed to relieve him a bit as he apparently was confident now not having followed the wrong white-haired woman and getting in danger of ending up in an awkward situation. Her assigned room was located close to the elevator where she quickly unlocked the door with the key card so they could enter the room. She instantly focused the table with the chair (which she had moved there by herself in the morning) and pointed with the key card at it. “We will do it there …”

She sat down on the chair and put the pastry, which was still wrapped in the paper bag, on the table in front of her. He, on the other hand, was still passively standing around, obviously unsure how to proceed next and generally looking a bit lost. It seemed like she probably needed to prolong the leading part a bit more and therefore decided to continue with what she was gonna do, hoping that it would reduce his uncertainty and help him to blend into the kink-fantasy they had been talking in detail a couple of times beforehand and now were ready to live out.

With slow moves her fingers started to open the paper bag. The noise of unwrapping the pastry broke the silence in the room and made her feel like a ranger who was doing her best not scare off wild animals while refilling the feeding ground. Thankfully it took her just a brief moment to take the croissant out and carefully fold the paper bag to a thin paper sheet so it would be usable as underlay. He came a step closer which she did reward with a smile, followed by a soft “You can start now”.

Finally he opened the belt of his pants and pulled them down together with his underpants. To her surprise, after all the average of the average impression, he actually was above average in at least one point. And above average was an understatement as “well-hung” was definitely the much more appropriate term – and something which he had never mentioned in their chats, which was kinda odd as men usually would not forget about passing that particular information (and usually more than once). His dick was already erected to some point which must probably happened just when she did tell him to start.

He grabbed his cock and started to give it some good and long strokes while he was standing next to her. With every moment he seemed to get more erected and excited, followed by deep breaths which were a harbinger of the pleasure building up in him. Watching him pleasuring himself next to her turned her more on than she wanted to admit. She could feel how she was getting wet and the urge to put down her hand between her legs and join this lewd scenery grew more and more with every second passing. But she tried her best to withstand that. She wanted to keep that kink that she had been falling for as pure as feasible as decided in the hotel lobby.

It seemed as he had finally lay off his shyness and was now fully indulging in pleasuring himself. His stroking movements were fast and his continuous breathing did indicate that he was on a good way to reach his climax soon. With fascination she observed him wanking off right next to her. To know – and in this case witness – how someone was masturbating because of her had at all times a great allurement. It was like a very special sort of praise which was directed to her – her and no one else in that very particular moment. And she loved the point at which the man could not hold back anymore and the cum would start to drip from the tip of his cock and turn into a stream.

His very fast and deep breaths were a good confirmation of her observation that he was about cumming soon. Also the way he did bend his upper body a bit to the front was indicating how his last defenses were about to break down soon. As he was moving a bit closer to the table, she instinctively moved her head a bit away to the back.

“If your cum touches my hair, you die.”, she said with a voice which did give no doubt that she was dead serious about that. She did put a lot of effort in taking care of her hair, very likely more than the average woman. One probably could say that she was even a bit obsessive about it and the last thing she needed was a horny guy accidentally placing his load in her hair and mess up the style.

He looked at her with a little bit confused, maybe even frightened look, followed by a quick nod. He then turned his body to some degree away from her and the deadly mine her hair did represent. This small interlude didn’t seem to have a negative affect on his pleasure at all as he was still going strong and stroking with a quite impressive speed. On the contrary: it seemed to her like he was going even a bit faster and his face expression did indicate that he was pretty close to explode.

Just when his cum did begin dropping out of his cock, he leaned his body a bit more towards the table so his penis was above the croissant on which he started to unload himself, accompanied by deep relieving breaths. She could feel how a strong wave of pleasure did flow through her body as she followed this scenery with sensation. *Just as she had imagined it!*

After the initial load, two other cum thrusts did land on the croissant which she observed with anticipation, and then, just when excitement was about to take control over her, it … stopped. That powerful excitement inside her quickly faded away like the cum flow, and was replaced by confusion. This unexpected turn caught her so off-guard that she couldn’t even hide her utter disappointment.

“You … had sex in the last few days?”, the accusingly tone in her voice was undeniable. As she didn’t get an answer, she finally directed her look at him continuing furiously: “You didn’t masturbate before, did you…?!” The guilty expression of his face was answer enough.

*Stupid men and their ego to last as long as feasible!* Her attention got back to the partly cum glazed croissant and after a few moments of displeased intense staring at it, she finally decided to let it go and give her best to enjoy the fantasy she had been carving for so long. With careful fingers she took the two opposite corners of the paper-underlay between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Completely focused on the pastry, her fingers let the croissant make a slow full rotation while she was figuring out where to begin with that delicious treat.

“You are a connoisseur, aren’t you? Hahaha”, he said jokingly while he was observing her. The serious look and a “Mh-hmmmm’ which he got from her as reply did for some unknown reasons help him to loose the tension a bit. Maybe it was the realization that what actually was happening was real and not a hoax or prank as he seemed to expect every moment until now. If he had to be honest, he actually thought all the time that this “exotic”-hookup was a hoax and that he would have waited in the hotel lobby like an idiot while someone remotely would have a good laugh. That was also the reason why he had not been so diligent in regard of the no-masturbation part which of course had proven itself as big mistake now.

After a few more rotations she finally picked the croissant up from the table and took a big bite from it. While she was chewing she couldn’t help herself but close her eyes and completely sink into that moment. *This was is it!* The kink she at all times had dreamed about and which had been only a fantasy for so long. *And now it was real!* She could feel how an ecstatic sensation rushed through her whole body and made her incredibly wet. After she had swallowed her first bite, she originally wanted to make a short pause and say some elaborate words like a wine expert would do, just to comply with his joke, but the instant she had swallowed it down, the next bite was already in her mouth like she had been starving for days. But it was not hunger which made her devour the cum glazed croissant so rapidly – it was pure lust which clearly was about to turn that kink into an obsession. An obsession she wanted to completely indulge in.

But she wasn’t the only person in the room who was experiencing joy at the moment. While she was feasting on her delicious meal, he was still standing there, unable to comprehend what was happening. It seemed like he was still unsure if this was really happening or if he would wake up the very next moment, but either way, what he was feeling was satisfaction. Becoming a witness of how a woman would indulge in devouring his cum with such a pleasure was so incredible and intense compared to all other sexual activities he ever had.

It didn’t took her long and all of the croissant with the glazing he had provided to it had found its way into her stomach. Like in a state of peace she sat there for a couple of minutes without saying anything until she became aware of his presence again. She offered him to take a seat and they used the next half an hour to catch up the talking they had skipped at first. Gladly their connection in real life was as pleasurable as it was online, and wouldn’t it have been for her having to stand up early on the next day, they would have talked for longer.

After he had gone and her being alone in the room, she let herself fall down into the bed with calming satisfaction where she curled up with the cozy white blanket reviving each moment of this unusual yet so memorable encounter.

“Connoisseur … “, she repeated the term he gave her with a smirk on her face. She continued with an amused voice, “maybe I *am* really a connoisseur. A cum connoisseur!”, Those words made her then think of those guides which existed for food related stuff, and just when she had finished the sentence an idea struck her.

She immediately grabbed her small laptop (which she at all times had with her when she was on a company trip) and opened a calculation application in which she was proficient due to her work. “Let’s start a new table, and we need first a column for the name, also one for the city/location, then the contact info, also one for the date of the … tasting.” She stopped for a moment, made then a separation column which she filled with a noticeable color. “And now the important part. The rating:” She added then a few more columns with headers like “size”, “amount”, “taste” and so on. For now she decided to make use of a simple 1 to 5 rating, but added a small function as last column to calculate an overall rating. Next to that she added probably the most essential column ‘Danger of recurrence?’ with a simple “yes” or “no” option as answer. She chuckled a bit about that idea and started to fill out the calculation table with the first entry.

Deciding the value of the last column was actually harder than she had wondered, especially by this being the first rating she ever did. She hovered between the two selection options for a while and then finally decided to go for a ‘yes’ since it was only the load size which had been disappointing to her while everything else had been pleasurable. *Yes.* Why, not? Why not giving him another chance at the end of the week and see if he can improve and convince?

She opened the website on which she had been in contact with him and started to write a new message: “Hello! Thanks for the pleasurable meeting. I wanted to ask if you are interested to meet again on Friday at 5 p.m., same location, before I depart?”. But just when she was about to press the ‘send’-button the temptation of the bossy personality took over her again. Instead of sending that already written message, she simply clear it all by marking it and pressing the delete-key stroke. She couldn’t help herself by smiling when she typed in “Friday, 5 p.m., same location. Try to load up.” and did immediately press ‘send’ after that. No other words included.

It didn’t take her long to get an answer from him, which was a simple “thumbs up” reaction. With a content smile on her face she closed her laptop and cleared the lights. She couldn’t wait for Friday to come.

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