[M31] I visited an escort and a brothel in Barcelona, or my quest to finish on a face.

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NSFW: yes

Ever since I visited Amsterdam when I was a senior in collage I’ve been interested in escorts/ window girls. That was the first time I had sex with a window girl, and it wasn’t anything special, very frigid and cold. Since then I’ve been with one more window girl which was a bit better and an escort in her apartment which showed me what a real good time is.

I come from a smaller city and there is no scene here so when I visit a girl its at all times abroad. I sometimes explore what the scene is like in bigger cities, and found out that Barcelona has a thriving escort/brothel scene. Tons and tons of girls offering wide range of services, a buffet to choose whatever your particular fetish is. One brothel caught my eye, “Felina Barcelona”, amazing looking girls, insanely luxurious rooms, everything was perfect. It got stuck in my head for years.

Few years later I have a company trip upcoming in Barcelona. Perfect, I might be able to pay “Felina” a visit. I’m not going alone, a coworker is coming with me, but he is an older guy, so I think I can get away from him for a few hours. I visit the website and it says they have just opened a new brothel, called “La Suite” and its even better then “Felina”. It looks too good to be true! So I google brothel experiences in Barcelona and I figure out that “Felina” and “La Suite” are actually for real, however they charge too much and the services are subpar and the forum users suggest going on a local website and finding escorts there as most of them are very good. OK then, I’ll do that.

We arrive in Barcelona the first day at around 8 PM. I’m too tired and tomorrow we have a lot of work to do so I get to bed early. Next day we go to the Expo, talk to suppliers and what not, going from meeting to meeting and finish around 4 PM. We go to eat and go back to the apartment.

Let’s discover an escort now. The website has too many options, how do I choose? Recently I’ve struck a big MILF fetish, so I go to the mature section. I know whats ideal, a woman in her 40s or 50s, with a pretty face, a nice body, not too let go but showing her age, think something like Syren de Mer. I scroll for some time and one blonde named Ines caught my eye. Everything fits, but her face is blurred, the reviews are not raving so I am not so sure. I take the risk and text her via Whatsapp asking if she is available, she replies within 5 minutes that she is but she doesn’t speak good English and starts working at 7 PM, that is not a issue for me as I think we can get around with google translate so I say OK I’ll be there, she says perfect and texts me the address and pictures of the building door and the buzzer with the number to her flat. That was it, 10 minutes tops, I had an arrangement with an escort.

I tell my coworker I’m going for a walk to see the city, and I go out. I go out a little early as I don’t know the city and don’t want to be late. After some wrestling with the metro map i figure it out and catch the metro to get to her place. I arrive 20 minutes early so I sit in the nearby cafe and wait. My leg is trembling from nervousness, I think to myself, I’ve been in this situation before calm down please, but it doesn’t work. I open the website again and look at her ad, trying to discover something, not knowing what, everything looks good, it is verified but you never know, all sorts of horror stories run through my head.

The time has come, I buzz her apartment still trembling and she lets me in. I go to the elevator and press second floor. As soon as I exit the elevator a door to my left opens slowly. I peek but there is no one. I take a step inside and she is standing behind the door holding it waiting for me to come in. I am relieved, Ines looks just like the pictures! I might say she looks even better, I have a slight disappointment because she isn’t more “MILF-y”. But no matter, she has a pretty face, a bomb body, and a enormous smile, 10/10. She is wearing a silky unbuttoned robe with a black and purple bra and panties, her breasts are full and natural, her ass is toned, her lips full but not overdone and has eyes just like I want them, with a particular sense of sexuality oozing from them, not cute or girlish but with a sense of fire and experience in what we are about to do. She keeps laughing as I introduce myself, I tell her I speak very little Spanish and I pull out my phone to signalize that I’m going to use it to communicate. She sort of waves at me and kisses me on the cheek saying “No te preocupes” and guides me to her room smiling and laughing at all times, asking me how do I like Barcelona and making chit chat as much as we could. The room has a low bluish light in it, a big bed in the center, few plants around, a big mirror on one side and a TV playing soothing music on it. We sit on the bed and begin to discuss what exactly do I want. In a half translate half mimicking way I tell her I want 1 hour of her time, ask her if I can finish multiple times to which she says yes, and then I say “a blowjob sin condón” to which she burst laughing saying I know Spanish pretty well and that it is not a issue. Lastly I say to her that I have a big wish that hasn’t come true for me yet and that is to finish on her face. She sadly says she never does that but that I can cum in her mouth if I want, I consent and stop pushing for it. She says that will cost 170 Euros and I pay. With everything out of the way she asks me if I want to take a shower before and I say yes, to which she gives me a towel and shows me the bathroom. I shower quickly and get back to the room and sit on the bed.

As I sit down on the bed I hear her coming from the other room, I stand up and she comes near me, taking of the towel I had around my waist revealing that I am already erect, she grabs my cock with the right hand while kissing me, I grab her ass with both hands and squeeze tightly before going for her tits and getting the bra off and feeling the fullness of them. I put my head down and put one of her breasts in my mouth sucking it and biting the nipple tenderly, she moans in my ear and starts nibbling it before pushing me slowly on to the bed. We kiss strongly and grope each other all over, I feel her tits touching my body, her pussy rubbing against my knee and feet as she starts going down to the edge of the bed grabbing my cock and slapping it against her tongue. I put my hands on the back of my head getting ready to enjoy the festivities. She starts licking the shaft from the bottom and as soon as she is at the top she devours it whole, as she starts lifting her head she begins sucking it like the last drops of her favorite juice box ultimately coming to the top and letting it drop out of her mouth along with all the saliva she could muster, she then sucks the spit with her mouth and puts my dick inside her mouth repeating the process a few times. I’m in a delirium, yelling “Bravo” every few minutes and my eyes turn to stars as she starts deepthroating me, and I almost loose control and cum right then and there but I compose myself. She then takes my dick in her hand jerking it slowly, all the while sucking and licking my balls making them soaking wet. I grab her hair with my left hand and my dick with my right and shove it in her mouth all the way and begin thrusting with my hips, she rolls her eyes and I give her a little breather before putting it back in so I can see it protruding on her cheek which I slap a few times. She was sucking and jerking me for a few minutes and then while sucking my balls she goes lower licking my perineum and transferring from it to the balls while jerking me off. I lose it, feeling I am gonna cum any minute now and grab my cock and begin jerking it furiously holding her head below my balls, saying “yes, yes, yes” as she licks like there is no tomorrow and I say I’m about to cum and put it in her mouth as deep as i could possibly go and releasing my cum inside clenching my buttocks from the intensity. She slowly releases my dick and takes a tissue and cleans herself before giving a few to me, I sigh and shake my head to try and compose myself. She laughs and says relax mimicking with her hand, suggesting we take a breather for a minute or two.

After a few minutes of talking she asks if I want a massage, and I gladly accept as I was on my legs for most of the day. I lay on the bed on my stomach and she puts oil on me, first on my back, then on my legs. She starts massaging my back quickly transferring to my legs and I feel a great relief as the massage was great. She continued massaging me on my legs and my back, adding oil at all times, and at one point she was on top of me rubbing her body against mine. I felt her breasts go up and down my spine and when she sat on me I could feel her vagina touching my ass rubbing against it. At one point she was kissing my ears while her breasts pressed against my upper back, I turned, started kissing her and laid her next to me groping her tits and ass to gather as much lube as i could before putting my fingers inside her. She grabbed my already stiff cock and as I fingered her more she jerked me more, then asked me if I want to fuck now. I gladly said yes and she asked what position do I want, to which I said I want her on top of me with her ass facing me. She put a condom on me and jumped on and started riding, it was a sight to behold, seeing my dick getting in and out of her was amazing, her ass was toned, you could see she works out. She then turned around to what I assume was a more comfortable position for her and continued riding me, shoving her big, full tits in my face. I grabbed her ass, put her breast in my mouth and pounded her as much as I could, lifting and plunging her ass onto my dick. She kept moaning and kissing me all over until I suggested we try doggystyle, and so we did, she got to the edge of the bed, presented herself to me and I entered. At first I fucked her hard and fast but then I slowed down, spreading her ass cheeks so I can see my cock penetrate her slowly and steadily, feeling every inch of her vagina walls. As I pick up the pace I pull her hair and begin to spank her, we go at it for 5-10 minutes and I begin feeling my tiredness getting the best of me, I couldn’t finish, as much as I wanted to continue I was spent. I stopped and told her that I was too tired to continue, she was worried that she did something bad but I assured her that she didn’t and that I had had a long day, that she was perfect but I just couldn’t. She understood, I got to shower and got dressed. We talked a lot after that, she is a very interesting woman, had a tough life but it is going better for her, she likes her job and is content with her situation. After that I got ready, thanked her a lot and said goodbye.

I then exited her building and got gonna the metro. Fully satisfied I got out somewhere near the main “La Rambla” street in Barcelona to soak in a little of the city. Walked around for some time and then headed back to the apartment. On the way back a wondered got in to my head. Maybe I should go to a brothel as well. I’ve been eyeing “Felina” for years now, it would be a shame if I don’t go, fantasizing all those years about it. But when should I go? I cannot go now as I’ve just had sex and couldn’t finish a second time and I’ve got a flight tomorrow at 2 PM and need to leave the apartment at 12 PM at the latest. Only time available is in the morning, do they even work in the morning? I text them asking if they do and turns out yes, they do, both brothels work. Great I’ll pay them a visit first thing in the morning.

I wake up at 7:30 AM, take a shower and head out. I decide I’m gonna “La Suite” as its the nearer one. While traveling I visit their website, anxious for what can I expect and my god, all girls are perfect 10s, its unbelievable, I try and remember some names but they are too many and all are good looking.

I get to the building and it says “La Suite” is on the second floor. I go up the stairs thinking they are gonna think I’m a freak for coming so early in the day. I get there and a girl opens the door. She is professionally dressed, with a white shirt and black pants, guides me in and asks me if its my first time here and I say yes. She then says follow me and we get into a room and she says wait here please. The room is amazing, walls are black with a texture resembling wood, there are golden frames around, a clock, 2 cupboards alongside the bed with lanterns providing dim light, one enormous mirror on the ceiling directly above the bed and one smaller one but still big across the bed. There is a little wooden cupboard with small drawers which I assume is for your money and phone, on the far side is a shower with white tiles and a glass wall so you can see the lady showering. While being amazed with all this interior design the girl enters and asks if I’m comfortable and informs me that the girls will be arriving now. I say okay half dumbfounded that they are all gonna present for me and sat on the bed.

The door opens, a girl enters, shakes my hand, mumbles her name, turns around and leaves. What happened? She was beyond good looking, brown skin, big eyes, big lips, enormous breasts, very fit but do they all introduce and leave immediately? I wondered I get to ask what services they offer? I haven’t got time to process all of this a second girl enters and now she shakes my hand, smiles, gives me a peck on the cheek, says “Ruby” and leaves. Okay, this is slightly better, she wasn’t as cold as the first one. Then the lady that greeted me at the door (the receptionist) shows up and says she is very, very sorry but they have only these two available as it is early in the day and asks me which one I want. I pondered for a second, the first one was extremely hot but really frigid and cold in the short interaction we had while Ruby actually gave a little effort, so I chose Ruby. The receptionist said OK she will arrive shortly and left.

Ruby enters in a silky gray dress with little sparkles on it, wearing black high heels. She is really slender, has brown hair and brown eyes, a gorgeous face, a real girl next door vibe around her. She introduces her again and I do the same. Unlike the encounter the night before, she was really shy and the talk was awkward at first but it got going slowly. I asked for 45 minutes as i need to get back quickly, a blowjob without a condom and my special request to finish on her face. Turns out, the last request is her “speciality”. Fuck yes. Finally. She says 230 Euros and I oblige.

She gets undressed exposing her perky tits and tight ass, I think to myself that she is the opposite of the girl yesterday, a young, petite girl with a cute face and a timid personality while Ines was a mature, busty woman with an upfront and wild character. I look up and down the small body and cannot discover imperfections, has no stretch marks, the ass isn’t sagging, the tits are natural, I’ve hit the jackpot. We talk during the undressing, she is from Honduras which blew my mind and is 28 years old! I say she looks much younger and she says thanks. We go to the shower together, she soaps herself and then me, I stand stoically while she soaps me and rinses my shoulders, pecks, stomach and goes for my dick. She cleans it with her hand and asks me “Besos?” so she can be sure if I’m okay with kisses and I nod. As she is stroking me she puts her hand behind my head and kisses me tenderly to which I grab her ass and pull her closer, we kiss passionately all the while she takes my dick and puts it between her thighs, I begin moving and she moans quietly. We play around a little and then she releases me and hands me a towel. I wipe myself off and lie on the bed. She lays next to me and we continue kissing. Ruby gets on top of me and slides down to take my cock in her mouth, fulfilling my desire. She gets to work slowly at first and faster and wetter by the minute. I caress her face as she is doing it and admire her body on the mirror above, showing her body to the fullest, engraving the sight of the motions of her ass and torso in my brain. I flip her on her back and get on top of her with my dick in front of her face, she took it inside her mouth and continued sucking and jerking me off. I, now fully ready, asked her to fuck, she put a condom on me and we started missionary. As I entered I let out a groan from the elation I felt and collapsed my head next to her and she started kissing my neck and ears. I grabbed one of her legs and stretched it so I can penetrate deeper before grabbing both and stretching them all the way. I kept thrusting and playing with her gorgeous legs, stretching and pulling them together so I can kiss them. She then suggested she gets on top of me and so she did. Riding me so hard I wondered we are going to catch on fire. I pull her body on towards me and lick her breasts while she keeps riding me. I think I want to take charge and pull her face into mine and grab her ass and begin pumping. The view above was miraculous. Her tiny ass rippling from my movement and my balls slapping her wet vagina. As she was very light I quickly turned her around and told her I want to do it doggystyle. She bent over awaiting me and I pushed inside. Grabbing her hips I started fucking her hard and fast, watching her pussy get stretched over and over again pushed me over the edge and I told her to lie on the back facing me, I got over her face and dropped my load on her pretty face twitching from all the ecstasy I felt. Panting I leaned over and kissed her mouth not caring that my cum is there. Ruby let out a little laugh.

I took a minute to recuperate while she started cleaning the room. 35 minutes had passed so we had a little time to talk. When the time passed she asked me if everything was alright and called the receptionist. I thanked them both and exited that fabulous place. Got to the apartment before the coworker woke up, got to the airport and took the flight home fully satisfied with my experiences in Barcelona.

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