(M25) Perks of a latin GF (f22)

First. Being a slim body, brunette… with very sexy eyes and personality she tends to attract a lot of looks. Sometimes when I go out with her I get nervous, because she looks very hot and you never know what sort of guys will be out there. So I at all times end up more like a bodyguard than anything else.

After I checkup the ambience I like to give her space to dance. There is where all starts. There was this time we went out dancing… im not much into that, but she loves it. We are latin… so she does that very well. That night some guy came and dance with her, she was moving very close to him, pressing her ass to him.

She was wearing a skirt and a blouse with her arms uncovered. He touched her in everyplace where there was skin to touch. I moved in after some minutes and took her to my car. I fucked her so hard since i enjoy watching her dance.

I wouldn’t distribute her again in a sexual manner… but wow looking at her dance is just a thing of beauty.

NSFW: yes

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