[M25] fun with my twin sisters [F18]

I have two sibling who are identical twins. My sisters Sarah and Sasha at all times did things together. My parents made me responsible for looking out for them because I was the older sibling. My parents were both doctors and worked hours on end. We got along fairly well like ordinary siblings do. After I graduated high college, I landed a nice job in an IT firm which worked out well because I was relatively good with computers. When COVID came around, my parents were hardly around and I started working remotely from home, only having to go to the office once-twice a week.

Sarah and Sasha, who were seniors, would at all times cause some sort of ruckus after doing their college work virtually while I was working. I at all times told them to keep it down or be quiet as I was like the parent in the house seldomly seeing our parents. I didn’t feel like cooking one day, so I asked my sisters if they wanted to go out and get something to eat. We got home and we did our own thing as I watched some TV as I ate. I was going up to my room, but I heard slight moaning coming from Sarah and Sasha’s room. I wanted to crack the door, but it was locked. Knowing they were doing something sexual I wondered about it and fantasized which actually got me hard. I figured I just had to jerk to rid myself. But as the days went by, the thoughts and images of my sisters doing sexual activities were torturing me because they’re nice to look at.

One day, I was watching porn and masturbating. I didn’t hear my sisters because I was wearing headphones, but while I was finishing, I saw my door close. Knowing my parents weren’t home, I went to Sarah and Sasha confronting them. I asked them, “we’re you both spying on me?” Sarah and Sasha nodded yes when Sasha said, “we thought it was kinda hot. So we just watched and you didn’t notice because of your headphones.” I nodded my head. “Alright, whatever. I know you guys do it too,” I blurted. “Huh? Wait, what do you mean?” Sasha asked. “Yeah, tell us. What is it?” Sarah added. “Well, I heard you two about a month ago moaning with each other. With nobody else in our house, it doesn’t take a genius to figure you had to be playing with each other, sexually.” Sarah and Sasha looked ashamed and embarrassed, but I told them, “look it’s okay. Mom and dad don’t know, and we’ll keep it that way. You saw me and I heard you gals, now we can just move on.”

Sarah and Sasha looked at each other whispering, then looked at me. “What are you two talking about and what’s wrong?” I asked. “Let’s all play together. We never had a guy join us, “ Sarah said. I paused, but as they got undressed, my cock started to get hard as I gazed my eyes on their bodies. As they kissed each other, Sasha gestured to me to come closer. Sasha went for my cock and pulled it out. As Sarah and Sasha shared my cock, they were taking turns sucking while the other sucked on my balls. It felt good and hearing them slurp was also nice. As I was getting close and my hard cock started to throb, Sarah had my cock in her mouth as I released while she sucked hard draining me, she then kissed Sasha as they shared my cum between the two of them. I let them kiss as they laid down with Sarah on top of Sasha. I began eating Sarah from behind as she started moaning and breathing heavy. Sasha noticed what was going on backed up, letting Sarah eat her pussy as she began to moan. I got my erection back, flipped her over and then slid my cock into Sarah’s wet pussy as she moaned and squealed. As I continued to fuck Sarah, Sasha sucked her tits and played with her clit while I kept pounding away at her pussy. “Ohh, it feels so good! Oh please don’t stop! Keep going!” She pleaded. Sarah shrieked out loud and orgasmed as she spasmed getting off my cock gasping for air. Sasha began sucking my cock as she wanted her turn. Sasha got on all fours as I ate her out, then began to fuck her. Sasha moaned and squealed like Sarah did, except Sasha wanted in rougher, screaming out, “fuck me harder and pull my hair! C’mon, fuck my pussy harder! Oh shit! Oh yes, right there!” I then flipped her over and fucked her missionary while going balls deep as she was screaming, “fuck! You’re so deep!” She soon came after thrusting into her some more. They wanted me to lie down as Sasha sat on my face, Sarah rode my cock, and they made out while doing so. Eventually, I started thrusting into Sarah as she orgasmed once again. Sasha wanted the same, but she rode me reverse cowgirl while she leaned back and I thrusted into her pussy. I felt my myself about to cum with my cock throbbing and wet from them cumming. After thrusting into Sasha a couple more times, I pulled my cock out, stood up, and jizzed on their face and tits. Sasha and Sarah licked the cum off each other. Afterwards, they showered together and me by myself.

I never expected this to happen, but I’m glad it did. With my parents gone most the time, we play always, but not at all times sex because they said they didn’t like it when they’re sore. But they at all times got me off as I got them off.


NSFW: yes

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