[M25] [F25] vegas pool party

I’m tall, fit and and blessed below. I’ve been telling my naughty hookup stories.

Vegas pool party

Happened when I was 25. Got a table at marquee for a pool party (fellas, get a table with your boys in vegas. It’s worth the cost… and girls will flock)

Some major edm dude was playing – not my music but it was cool. We begin taking shots when a group of girls in their 20s flocked over.

I immediately eye this girl in a red bikini. Tan. Long legs. Brunette. 5’9. Handful size tits. Unreal ass. Like unreallllllll. She was Persian.

I introduced myself to her with a shot. We took a round together. Then I did the same thing with her friend. Then I chatted up her friend.

I could feel her eyes on me as she talked to my friend who’s in a stable relationship – goat wingman. I caught a few of her glances at me throughout the hours of all our friends hanging at our table. So I knew there was interest. So I approached.

“Hey, need a shot?”, I asked

“Always” she said

My friend caught the clues and disappeared.

I poured 2 shots.

“To us making out”

“You wish” she said

We downed the shots. I went directly into the pool… and turned back to tell her “come on in”

It was dark and the concert was in full swing. Her ass grinded on me in the water. Slowly rocking her hips. My cock went 0 to 100.

She turned her head back so we could make out. Our lips synchronized. She was a great kisser. Lip bites. I knew the sex would be hot.

I whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you so good”

She reached under my trunks and started stroking my throbbing cock. My fingers slid under her red bikini bottoms. So smooth. She got waxed before her weekend in vegas.

I teased her pussy with my fingers. People all around us. But we were in our own lust filled world.

I slid my middle finger in to finger her. So fucking tight.

“Let’s get out of here” I whispered in her ear

The ride to the hotel was a blur. I got out of the pool with a complete hard on. Grabbed my bag. We were in an taxi in minutes. The taxi driver got a nice show. We made out in the backseat while I fingered her.

We stumble through the hotel. Up the elevator. Unable to keep our hands off each other. No idea if there were ppl in the vicinity. The world only consisted of us.

I swiped my key card and out mouths were all over each other as we entered.

We got to my bed. I open the curtains with the strip outside our window.

She dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts. My big cock swung out. She bit her lip. Then ran her tongue up n down my shaft.


She then guide me to edge of the bed. I sat and laid back while she choked on my cock. Slobbering all over it. Drool spilling down her chin. My cock was drenched.

When she stopped sucking I knew she needed me inside her. I went to sit up but she (now standing) pushed my chest back down…

Usually im in control during sex. Dominant. But it was hot. Her taking control

She pulled her bikini top string… her top fell to the floor. Her dark nipples were mouth watering.

She pulled her bikini bottoms string. They dropped to the floor.

She turned her perfect ass to me. Reached behind and guided my throbbing cock with her hand into her pussy to sit on.

So tight. So warm. So wet.

She lowered on me slowlyyyyy. Taking me all as I grabbed onto her hips. She slowlyyyy went back up. I could see the cream from her juices on my veiny cock.

She started to ride me reverse cowgirl. Faster and faster. I spanked her harder and harder. Knowingly, leaving a tingly sensation on her ass.

One of my favorite sexual memories ever was watching her make my cock disappear with glimpses of the vegas strip out my window…

An idea then popped in my head

I took control. I kissed her as I moved her to the window. I placed her hands on the window above her head.

Her legs spread. Her ass arched and out. I dropped down. Bit her ass. Then spread her cheeks wide for my tongue to taste her from behind.

I devoured her pussy. Then stood back up. Slapped my throbbing cock against her ass. Then slid in from behind to pound her.

Her hands against the window I pounded her from behind for all of vegas to see.

I tossed her around for the next 40 minutes. Pounding her all over the hotel: on the desk, on the bathroom sink, in the shower.

I came all over her face… as her roommates opened the door getting back from the pool party… 😅

NSFW: yes

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