[M] Had my first prostate orgasm. It was amazing!

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NSFW: yes

First of all I would like to say that English isn’t my first language, so if anything is unclear I apologize.

I would consider myself to be a pretty “vanilla” guy when it comes to masturbation. I haven’t really experimented that much, other than the occasional cupping of my balls or stroking with both hands. I had however watched a lot of porn where guys use toys on themselves, stimulating their prostate, often resulting in amazing cumshots. I would also like to state that I’m hetero, but there is something really cool about seeing a guy shoot thick ropes of cum, and see the cock pulsating as the orgasm flows through his body.

It all started as I was surfing the web, watching some porn and generally being horny. I decided to visit a store selling sex toys online and started looking at the inventory. I was a bit taken aback by the enormous selection available. I knew that I would need something not to big, but also something long enough to actually reach my prostate. Luckily they had a category called “prostate stimulation”, so I cliked it and sorted by most trendy. Not surprisingly the larger models were the most trendy, but I went with something in the middle range. It also vibrated and was waterproof. Great! Of course, I ordered some lube as well.

The following days, as I was waiting for the toy to be delivered, I decided to not masturbate. I wanted the occasion to be special, and I wanted my cock to be able to almost cum without me touching it. The more I fantasized about the toy, the hornier I got, so I could hardly keep it together when the toy arrived 5(!) days later.

I decided to wait until the evening and took a long shower and shaved completely. After this I laid down naked on my bed with the lube and toy next to me. I closed my eyes and started stroking my cock slowly, not going too fast. When I was absolutely rock hard, I took some lube on my index finger and started to massage my asshole slowly. I bent my knees upward and put a pillow under my lower back. I gently pushed my finger inside, and could immediately feel my cock flexing. I laid like this for a while, just holding my cock with one hand, and with my finger in my ass. Breathing slowly and getting ready to insert the toy.

The toy got lubed up as well, and I decided to go without vibration. I put the top of the toy against my anus and braced myself for the insertion. Slowly I took it deeper inside me, and at this time I was still only holding my cock with my other hand. After a while it happened, I got deep enough to touch my prostate. The sensation was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. A chill spread throughout my body, and it felt like electricity was flowing through my cock and stomach area. I felt a tingle in my neck, and I felt more relaxed than I did before the insertion.

I pulled the toy out a bit and and started stroking my cock slowly. My cock head was so swollen at this point that it looked like a strawberry. As I pushed the toy deeper in again I could feel the precum begin to drip from the tip of my cock and I was moaning loudly at this point. My hips started to move on their own as I fucked myself, and I dared to stroke my cock very slowly. I didn’t want to cum right away, but at this rate I was unsure if I could control it.

I noticed that I really liked short “bursts” with the toy, pressing against my prostate and going back again. At this point I was practically leaking precum and I moaned even louder than before. Luckily I live alone, so there was no risk of anyone hearing me. I looked down at my cock and saw that my balls were tighter than they’ve ever been before. They almost looked like they were about to go up in my stomach.

At this point I didn’t really care if I came or not. The sensation I felt was good, but it was also unbearable in a sense. My whole body was screaming for me to release everything, and I knew that I would have to oblige sooner or later.

I started fucking myself faster and also stroked my cock harder and faster. The bliss I was feeling at this time was amazing. It felt like having small orgasms over and over again. I wondered this was as good as it could get, but I was wrong…

Suddenly I felt my whole nether region starting to shake. My feet cramped up and I arched my back as the orgasm ripped through my body. I pulled my foreskin all the way down and let my cock point straight up. I pushed the toy against my prostate and this is where I finally got to shoot my load.

At first it sort of dribbled out of my cock, soaking my cockhead with precum, but then it started shooting like I’ve never seen before. I practically screamed as I hit myself in the face with my own cumshot, and as I closed my eyes I just let it happen. The cum spurted everywhere, and I could feel it’s warmth over my stomach, face and lips.

When the orgasm was done I was totally pumped out. I knew that I wanted to do it again, but I would have to wait a bit. This was heaven, but also really tiring…

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