(M 22) cheated on my girlfriend with a guy.

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NSFW: yes

We have been dating for 2 years now but I wasn’t at all times satisfied with our sex life. So I come to Reddit and other porn videos like any would do. Soon I am very into BBC porn. I get very turned on by looking at other girls showing their desires and having fun with bigger cocks. I am obsessed not only with those girls but also with those nice looking cocks. I started looking at sissy porn and imagining myself being used as a girl.

Every time I get super horny I would download grindr and look for hot dom guys. But there are too many freaks out there so every time I finish jerking off I would immediately delete grindr.

One day, something got into me and I was so horny and invited a dude to my place. For the very first time in my life, I touched a cock that is not mine. It was thicker and bigger, it was so nice and warm that I immediately started sucking and licking it. He must think I was bad at sucking so he pushed me down and started licking my butthole. My dick was so hard but still not bigger than his BBC, he spread my butt cheek and used some lube. The next moment I could feel his dick rubbing my ass and wanting to come in. It took him a bit of time but the moment he put it in, I felt like I became the girl in the porn and I want to be played. He eventually came in my ass (with a condom).

This happened last year but my dick still gets so hard just by thinking about it. I accidentally deleted his contact info(grindr thing) so I couldn’t discover him again.

I still watch sissy porn and can’t stop thinking sucking on dicks and having them blow that load into my mouth. It’s just hard to discover the right people since I don’t want to get any disease hhh, I am also picky about cocks.

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