long time online best friend came over

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this is a time when I had just broken up w my ex of 5 years. He was the first to notice the pics off my IG and shot his shot. This friend is a long time friend and there’s bit of a gap, 6-7 years older than me, I was 23 at the time. I kept him at bay for a few weeks but once my ex moved out, I let him come over. He drove an hour and some change to see me. He is the type to be attracted to feet, and requested I paint them white for him. Best I could do was baby blue. He came with beers and his weed pen. We watched some shows on my laptop in my room and at one point we were sitting so close and he kept looking at me so I kissed him. This was what led to a night of 4 hours of fucking. I made him get a condom at first but kept begging to ne able to feel me, that he really just wants to feel my pussy. After a few minutes of me riding him and refusing, he finally convinced me and I let him take it off. Then he kept begging to cum in me, the whole night. He ate my pussy so beautifully and when i sucked him he told me “this is how men fall in love”, that forever boosts my ego lol. He was so good at getting to my clit while fucking me and the eye contact + toe sucking, ughhhh.

I wish I would’ve let him cum in me to be honest. We met a few times after this but the first time was definitely more memorable to me. Its been years and he is in my inbox again.. I’m so tempted to get bred this time

NSFW: yes

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