LITRPG R18 story?

So, I have only just barely started on this story. Not even sure if it’ll go anywhere yet but wondered I’d see what you all wondered.

Premise: a guy wakes up naked and alone. He has an interface that is game related (HP/SP/etc). He travels for hours, naked and winds up at a wise woman’s door who offers aid.

He learns that he is not on earth and that he, has essences (magic abilities) but his falls within the 0.5% of the population who have god-tier abilities. Which have a 25% chance of being passed on. Causing everyone he meets to want to have sex with him. But many others want to kill him too. He has to fight, rank up and have sex which gives him extra power boosts.

Like I said, it is really still very new. Anyone want to give the first couple chapters a read?

NSFW: yes

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