Letting my wife play with her childhood crush.

Wow what a weekend. So we’ve just returned from a wedding 3 hours from our home . We decided to stay 2 nights and the kids stayed with their grandmother .

It was my wife’s best friends wedding which had a gigantic cast of people from her childhood . I noticed my wife chatting to this big 6’4 chubby guy and being pretty flirty (she knows I love this, we have no problems ) so I asked her who he was. She replied ‘the guy I lusted over during my teens’

We’d spoke about her being fucked by other guys before , it just hasn’t materialised due to work and having 2 children .

I kept asking more questions about this crush and my wife would tell me how she would watch him out her bedroom window while touching herself .

I asked if she still found him attractive …. She did . I proposed that we invite him back to our room, my wife asked ‘are you sure, I’m not sure if he even finds me attractive?’

I asked the guy up to our room for a few drinks . After half an hour I asked the dude did he discover my wife attractive and he said he all the time has.

Eventually I got them to kiss each other … this turned into a tongue fest as my wife put her hand on his genital area .

Out comes this gigantic cock. I’m talking 9 – 11 inches . My wife bites her lip and says wow.

My wife only has small hands so she begins using both hands to pleasure his massive cock as he fingers get already dripping wet pussy .

This only lasts a minute or so as they both state they are close to orgasms already.
My Wife shoved the guy down on the bed and climbs on top and rides his cock screaming in pleasure , unfortunately it only lasted about 30 seconds as they both came at the same time . But wow I will never forget this weekend

NSFW: yes

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