Latina GF said “White guys are crazy”

One night me and my latina GF (now my wife) talked about different sex positions. We were making stupid shit up just to make ourselves laugh. Then out of the blue my GF said “white guys are crazy”! WTF??? (Of course she was joking but I had to hear why she said that) She said this one white guy put her in a crazy ass position. She said they were having sex in the missionary position when without warning he put her on her back with her legs by her head. He held her back and butt off the bed. Now all of her body weight was on her shoulders and neck while her ass was sticking up in the air. She started laughing because she didn’t know WTF was going on. I started laughing when she said “then he stuck his dick in me and started fucking me in that position”.

I told her that’s called the piledriver position. She said “he tried to piledrive me alright”. She said “at first he was facing me while I was stuck on my back with my ass up in the air”. She said “The next thing I know he did a 180 while he was still in me” She said “I looked up and all I saw was his balls and asshole”. I was dying from laughter. She said “I don’t wanna see a man’s asshole and balls when I’m having sex”.

I asked her did she enjoy it. She said not at first because she didn’t know what was going on. But she loved it when he started eating her out in that position. She said she heard white guys give the best lip service and that guy did not disappoint her. He did something with his fingers while licking her pussy that drove her crazy. She said “overall it was alright…I just can’t get the vision of his balls and asshole out of my head”. I was double over laughing at her. She said “I told you…white guys are crazy”.

NSFW: yes

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