Kitchen romp [F28/M27] [real] [cream pie] [oral] [kitchen]

I’ve been craving peach cobbler all week. I FINALLY found good peaches at the local produce stand and excitedly rush home to make it. I’m also incredibly horny so I decide to make it in just my bra and panties, hoping to tease you while you watch me bop around the kitchen. After slicing 6 cups of peaches, my hands are dripping in peach juice. You walk up to me in just your briefs and back me against the counter. I can feel your hard-on pressing against my stomach. You lift my hands to your mouth and proceed to lick and suck my fingers clean, sensuously placing them in your mouth one at a time. You give me a deep kiss that tastes like peaches and start to kiss your way down my body. You peel off my panties and kiss my clit. I moan and slide my fingers into your hair, arching into your touch. You stand up and place me on the counter, kissing me deeply one more and rubbing my clit. You kneel back down and proceed to eat me out. Your tongue circles my clit as you plunge two
fingers into my pussy. I moan and grab a handful of your hair, giving it a slight tug. You curl your fingers up to stroke my G spot. I have been so horny all day that I cum almost instantly, gasping your name and moaning. You stand up – it’s my turn to lick YOUR fingers clean. I look you in the eyes and lick up their length before plunging them deep enough to touch my throat. I taste myself on you and you know it. Lust fills your eyes as you take off your briefs. You rub your cock on the entrance to my pussy and moan. You pull me closer to the edge of the counter and plunge in. I am so wet you slide right in. You kiss my neck and blow in my ear as you thrust into me. I moan and arch my back so you can get a better angle. I am still wired from my last orgasm and your cock is deep inside me and at the PERFECT angle. I don’t last long and cum again. Hearing my moans and wanting to cum with me, you pick up the pace, thrusting harder while I ride out the waves of my orgasm. You cum inside of me, giving me a deep kiss and moaning my name against my lips. You pull out, leaving me to finish my cobbler with your cum running down my legs.

NSFW: yes

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