Kaye delivers Uber Eats Part 1

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**My first attempt at writing erotica. Let me know what you think**

Kaye has been with her boyfriend Dan for about 3 years now. Dan, who is divorced with 2 kids, is much older than Kaye. At 40, he is very proud that his girlfriend is 28, and hot. Kaye is tall, amazing legs, nice big butt, and double D tits. Dan has a lot of experience in bed, and knows what he likes. Kaye is a bit more vanilla but is learning from her man. They have great sex, but Dan is all the time striving to bring different things into their sex life.

“I got the job babe” Kaye said.

“That’s great, congratulations” Dan said.

Dan was worried. She got a job making less than her current job, so he knew money was gonna get much tighter. But he didn’t want to add stress on Kaye.

“I’ll probably do some DoorDash or Uber eats or something to make up the money” she told him.

2 weeks later Kaye was bored and decided to go make some money delivering food. She texted Dan to let him know and his reply was “if someone gives you a tip, take the whole thing and tell me about it later”. She laughed it off. He was all the time making suggestions like that. She didn’t know how to respond to them. Did he really want her to cheat? Was it cheating if he told her to? She all the time worried about bringing it up.

Her phone dinged with her first delivery. She headed out to get it handled. Her first few deliveries went well. Good tips, and good delivery fees. Her phone dinged with another pickup. The delivery was gonna a hotel. She was a little nervous that it wasn’t a house or company where people would be around, but she decided it was the middle of the day and it would be ok. She picked up the delivery and headed to the hotel. Made her way upstairs to the top floor. Room 2112 had double entry doors which she knocked on. The door opened and she was immediately taken aback. The customer was shirtless and wearing a towel. He had a great chest, abs, nice beard, a great smile, and wow was he hot. “No no no” she wondered. You have a boyfriend.

“I have a delivery for Chris?” She said quizzically.

Chris smiled “that’s me! I think i forgot to put a tip, can I give you cash?”

Kaye said “sure”.

“Come in and I’ll grab my wallet” he said. “That’s ok, I’ll wait in the hallway” she said.

She was immediately turned on at the sight of Chris. To think only a thin towel was blocking her view of what was underneath. Chris came back with a $100. He smiled when he saw her again and handed her the bill.

“Here you go. I ordered a lot of food, can I interest you in joining me?” He asked.

She laughed and said “That’s a lot of money for a short drive, I can’t take that. And do you always invite your delivery drivers to eat the food they bring you? Besides, I have a boyfriend”.

“You deserve it. And no, this is definitely a first. Then again my delivery drivers aren’t usually attractive enough to want to eat with. Besides I’m married”. He said.

She immediately blushed. Was she really considering this?

“Come on, I’ll even go put actual clothes on. I’ve been away from my wife and kids for a while traveling for business and it would be nice to have company that doesn’t want to talk about work” he said, his eyes looking a little more pained.

“What could it hurt?” she wondered. Besides, Chris just gave her enough in his tip to cover the rest of the afternoon. What was an hour.

They sat at the table and ate and talked. She told him about her boyfriend and the life they had together, but she stayed away from the more deviant topics. He told her he had been on the road for about a month and missed his family, but with the amount of money he made it was difficult to leave. It was a good lunch. Kaye looked around the room, it was enormous. It had a full wet bar, a small kitchen, and a bed. She immediately got wet when she looked at the bed. She imagined this beautiful man lying on his back while she swallowed his cock. She blushed at her thoughts. Chris caught her gaze and the blush.

“What are you looking at?” He asked.

“Nothing” she said. “I should be going.”

“Let me at least give you a tour. Have you ever seen a room this big?” He asked

“I really shouldn’t” she said.

“Come on, it will take a few minutes and then you can go.” He pleaded

To be continued………

NSFW: yes