Just some bored writing

It was hard to tell in the dark but I think you got your wish. You were wearing a blindfold and earplugs so you couldn’t see or hear anything. I could do whatever I wanted to you . I could fuck you hard, soft, fast, slow. you groaned as I said slow. You knew I was gonna fuck me slow and you was ready for it. You never felt so turned on as I did that night. The anticipation was killing you .I felt your pussy tighten on my dick as you begged me to fuck you hard. You cried out as I was going slow making sure you felt every inch. You continue to beg to make me go harder and treat you like my personal slut. Oh is that how you want it I say. Do you think you’ve been a good girl to deserve that. You moan out yess sir. Just as you get those words out of your mouth you feel my hands grip your hip and shoulder and flip you from your back to on you knees with you ass up face down. Once your in that position you feel the hand that was in your shoulder move to around you neck and the one that was on your hip caresses your body moving up to your tits. As one hand is groping and pinching your tits the other one is pulling back on your throat forcing your head back to the point your looking in my eyes. You begin to feel my dick go in you faster and harder. At this point your on your knees with the front half of your body being lifted by your neck with your hands try to grab on to anything they can. When you hand reach back your feel rope tightening around your wrists as I tie your arms to the foot of the bed stretching your arms back

NSFW: yes

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