Just hooked up with a girl for the first time and she made me squirt

I just hooked up with a girl for the first time ever and I must say she gave me the most powerful orgasm that I have ever had. We have been friends for a while and I must say that there has at all times been some sexual tension. We got pretty wine drunk the other night and we were cuddling on the couch as we often do but we were cuddling like alot closer then usual.

We kept looking at each other and kinda smiling shyly and I found that I couldnt stop staring at her lips. She put her hand on the inside of my leg just inches from my pussy and it sent electricity through me. I wanted her. I leaned in and finally, after years of crushing on each other, we were finally doing something. Her lips were so soft I loved how they felt. Het tongue was so wet and I loved how it felt against mine. Her fingers found their way under my skirt and she started rubbing my clit through my panties. My pussy was insanely wet. I think she could tell I was really nervous and she asked if she could take off my panties and I was barely able to respond I just nodded. She pulled off my underwear and I must say the feeling of her fingers on my clit was the best feeling I have ever experienced. She knew exactly what to do.

She pushed me onto my back and just like that her tongue was circling my clit. It was amazing. After a few minutes she started fingering me at the same time. Her rhythm was perfect. I was so turned on and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. She kept going faster and faster and I could tell I was going to squirt. I warned her and I was kinda worried she would discover it gross but she just opened her mouth wide and let me squirt into her mouth it was so dirty and slutty feeling it was amazing.

After making me cum she started kissing me and I must say that tasting myself on her mouth was so hot I almost wanted to cum again. I felt kinda shy but we cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms and honestly our friendship feels exactly the same and just as good as at all times with no awkwardness so im incredibly glad it happened.

NSFW: yes

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