Just fucked my ex in her basement – Short Sex Story

We were both really drunk and still are. My mom had a party with some friends and my ex was there bc they still have a good relationship. So we both went to the kitchen to get some ice cream for everyone. And we just started making out, out of nowhere. So i said to her i’m gonna say that im heading home. She then said she’ll meet a couple of friends 10min later. I waited for her a block away. We then didn’t know where to go. So i said to her: don’t you have a basement at your parents house? We went there found a blanket and 2 pillows. We fucked for an hour. I swear it felt like 15min. Luckily her neighbours are quite old so they’re not up that late.
Well next week we’re going to get high and the same’s probably going to happen.
You can claim that this is fake don’t really care. Why tf would i come here on 1am writing about this. Well im gonna get some sleep. Next friday I’ll make sure to not have anything going on the next day.
Btw if you’re trying to diss me with grammatical errors, I’m not a native speaker and I’m still drunk af.

NSFW: yes

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