Just a bit of fun

Id have you dressed up in sexy lingerie, panties with the easy access hole, a short skirt, stockings, fox ears, fox tail plug and a collar and lead.

I’m sitting on the sofa with my grey joggers and t-shirt on watching TV as you lay across my lap. My hand running through your hair as my other hand traces your body up and down, finger tips barely touching your soft skin.

You roll over onto your back to look up at me, your eyes connecting with mine as I move your hair out of your face. My fingertips now moving up and down over your neck, collarbone, between your breast, over your hip and then down the inside of your thigh.

As my fingers trace down your thigh you bite your lip, my fingers reach your knee, circling I cross over to your other leg and circle again then slowly up the inside of your thigh. I

As my fingers reach the bottom of your skirt my hand goes under, lifting the skirt up as my hand goes further up. I gently brush over your mound and then down around your pussy.

My other hand has now left your hair letting your head flop back exposing your neck to me, my hand begins to trace around your ear, down the side of your neck then across your chest and up to your other ear.

Meanwhile my other fingers have gone down across your slit but this time I add a little pressure.

As my fingers cross your pussy you open your legs wider. “Follow me” I say

You get up off my lap and follow me on all 4’s as I lead you to the bedroom where you jump up onto the bed and kneel in front of me

“What would you like me to do?” you ask looking up at me wide eyed in anticipation.

I smirk down at you and then glance to my cock. You look down at it noticing the outline of my hard cock. Before you could get a hold of my waist band I grab your hands and cuff them behind your back.

I drop my joggers and boxers to the floor allowing my cock to spring out. Holding the lead in one hand holding you back I grab my cock and just hold it in front of you, just out of reach of your mouth and tongue

You try leaning forward fighting against my hold on you, mouth open. Suddenly I let the lead go and you fall forward impaling yourself on my cock. My hand grabs your hair and begins to slowly pull your head back and forth in rythm to my hips as I slowly start to fuck your mouth and throat

Your lips lock around my cock as I fuck you, sucking my cock, your tongue licking my shaft and tip as it goes in and out. My free hand give your cheek a little slap. ” That’s a good girl” I say between moans.

I then grab the lead again pulling on it hard to get you to release me from your mouth.
I take the lead off from your neck, unlock your hands and tell you to stand up. I pull your soaking wet panties down and you step out of them.

“Doggy” I command. You get onto all fours with a grin on your face. You slowly back up to the edge of the bed pressing your ass against my cock I lift your skirt up revealing your pussy and ass. I can see how wet you are.

Crack, you let a moan out as my hand connects with your ass cheek. Crack, again in the same place.

Leaving red hand prints on your ass I place one hand on your hip grabbing onto your skin. My other hand holding my cock lining it up with your pussy.

Pulling on your hip and thrusting my hips forward I enter you deep in one swift motion. Your ass claps against my body as you let out a loud moan

I hold myself inside you for a second.
Crack my hand hits the same place on your ass again.
Hand still grabbing onto your hip my other hand now wraps your hair around my hand as I slide my cock slowly out till just the tip is in.

Squeezing your hip and pulling your hair at the same time I pull you back and thrust forwards with my hip slamming me into your ass and my cock deep inside you once again

I then pick up the pace, slowly start to fuck you with a rythm. Not slamming my cock as hard into you as the first 2 strokes but still making sure you feel my full length

My hand still wrapped in your hair pulling your head back I lean forward grabbing your neck. Pulling you up slightly. My hand begins to tightly squeeze around your throat as I fuck your tight wet pussy

I feel your pussy begin to tighten up around my cock, “I’m.. going.. to… Cummmnmm” you manage say between moans as I feel your pussy cum over my cock.

I stop fucking you, roll you over onto your back as your orgasm washes over you. I push your knees into your chest and enter you once again.

Fucking you again at the same pace as before

I push your legs aside, placing my thumb against your clit I start to rub as I fuck you. You fingers digging into the bed. You open your eyes and look at me and you manage a smile “oh fuck… Yes… Oh… Fuck me”

I smile back

Leaning forward just enough to allow my thumb to rub your clit my other hand grabs your neck and chokes you again

I let go of your neck as I feel your pussy tighten up once more, I remove my thumb and lean down. I whisper in your ear “cum with me” my lips kiss your neck just below your ear.

You hand wrap around my back and you dig your nails into my skin, your legs wrap around me pulling me in close

“I’m going to cum inside you now”

As I finish my sentence I feel you begin to cum again over my cock which sends me over the edge and my body jerks as I unload rope after rope of cum deep inside you

We both let out a loud moan of pleasure.

I lift myself up above you smiling, you smile back. I lean forward and kiss your lips.

Your hands run through my hair as we kiss

NSFW: yes

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