Joe and Danny arrive and join Dee, Kat and me for the weekend. Part 6.

Kat returned to the patio with her bikini top back on. Kat took a seat this time at the patio table instead of the chase lounge. I could see that she was nervous. I knew she was nervous when she asked to bum a cigarette.

Kat crossed her long shapely legs, took out her lighter from the small joint purse and lit the cigarette. She blew out the smoke from her rosy lips. Her foot twisted and bobbed from the crossed leg. She was nervous.

“I’m trying to quit but I need one now.” Kat remarks.

Dee chuckled and told Kat that everything is ok. Kat said she was alright. That a couple of 20 year olds don’t bother her one bit.

Dee remarked that she wondered that Joe is 21 not 20, and looked at me for confirmation. I said that Joe is 21, and Danny 20. Kat says, “What the hell is the difference.”

Dee then says, “yeah, not much difference, you’re right. They could be twins. Maybe an inch, if you compare how the two are built. But both are very nice. I don’t know how your old man is hung, but mine and Dot’s ex don’t compare to these two young men.”

Kat got up to get another drink. She wobbled a little and said the old fashions were really hitting her. Dee and I agreed that we were feeling no pain either.

After Kat sat back down, Joe and Danny walked through the backyard gate. Kat wasn’t a nervous being. She was composed and a pleasant adult, as if this weekend was just another pool party and cookout, like she’s been at many times before.

Everyone smiled and said hi. I said to Joe, “You remember my sister, Kat. She’s staying for the weekend.”

Kat smiled and said hi. Joe walked over and shook her hand, “How you been, Kat. Long time no see, last summer I think it was. I look very well.”

“I’m just fine, Joe. You look very good also. Had an open weekend and Dotty invited me. Thought I’d come over and join in all of the fun I’ve heard about.” Kat said, still holding Joe’s hand, slightly smiling as she looked at the two standing there in their shorts.

I had forgotten about Dee and I being topless until Joe says, “And look at you two lovely lady’s getting some sun for those gorgeous breasts. Very nice.”

Joe walked over and kissed me then. His hand squeezing a bare tittie. Dee was already up with her arms around Danny’s neck kissing him hungrily, pressing her tits into his bare chest.

“I’ve missed you honey. Can you tell. Let’s go inside.” Dee said to him, a hand rubbing the front of his shorts.

Joe had moved around behind my recliner, massaging my shoulders. His hands moved down to my large bare breasts massaging them. This was first time that my youngest sister has witnessed such activity by me, and Dee for that matter.

Dee was rubbing all over Danny’s bare chest and the hard bulge in his shorts that she crated. Dee was grinning from ear to ear as she enjoyed toying with young Danny.

“Well ladies, I don’t know about you two, but I’m ready to take this party into the house and get busy.” Dee said, looking up at Danny’s cute face, the palm of her hand rubbing his noticeable hardon through his shorts.

I sat up, my bare titties slipped from Joes grasping hands. “Kat, you wanna go inside now.” I asked.

“Sure, looking forward to it.” Kat responded and stood up.

Dee smiled at Kat and put her arm out towards her, “C’mon hon, let’s get you taken care of.”

Kat walked over where Dee put her arm around her waist. They walked towards the kitchen door with Dee having an arm around both Kat and Danny. Joe and I followed.

I noticed Joe’s bug eyes watching the two sexy asses in front of us. “You like that huh. You know why my sis is here. You should show her a good time. She’s feeling a little bad about why she’s here, but I’m sure you and Danny will make her forget about that aspect of her joining us this weekend.”

Joe said he’d love to show Kat a good time. I told Joe that Kat really needs a great time. That if he invited her to go off for some fun, that she will. That she needs to get laid really good.

Once inside the 5 of us gathered at the small bar in the living room. After fresh drinks were made Dee and Danny went to the bedroom she uses when here.

I gave Kat a nudge and told her to take Joe to her room. Joe heard this and says to Kat, “Shall we?”

Kat grinned and said ok. She slid from the bar stool and Joe took her hand. On the way to the sunroom/bedroom, Kat was telling Joe that this is a first for her so please excuse her if she seems nervous.

Joe told her there was nothing to be nervous about. That it isn’t like they’re strangers. Kat smiled and agreed with him.

They entered the sunroom and Joe kissed Kat. His hands roamed over her back, one hand going down and squeezing her ass cheeks. Kat kissed him more forcefully opening her mouth and grinding they’re mouths together.

So there I sat at the bar alone while Dee and Kat were getting it on. This didn’t bother me one bit. The entire weekend was ahead and I knew things would heat up in different methods.

Things were heating up for Kat now. Just like when her and Dee took to the sunroom earlier, neither Joe or Kat did a things about the open windows between the two rooms.

I looked over and Joe was just removing Kat’s bikini top. Kat watched the young man’s reaction when seeing her large pointed tittties. Joe ran his open hands over the two sensuous globes and told Kat that they are beautiful.

Kat smiled slightly as Joe firmly squeezed them then lowered his lips to a nipple and sucked on it, then the other one too.

“Just don’t leave any marks, ok.” Was all Kat said as Joe savored each large, firm tit.

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NSFW: yes

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