Joe and Dan. Part 7.

Danny fucked me hard from behind at the kitchen table. He came in me then released my boobs. He stepped back and his cock squeezed from my pussy, giving me shivers.

I straightened up, huffing and puffing. I brushed the hair from my face and turned around. I glanced at Joe, still standing against the counter where he ate me and we fucked. He was still hard.

Danny was standing there with his glistening cock, still throbbing hard. He started talking to me and I turned my attention towards him.

“Was that ok, Dotty?” Danny asked me, his young face flushed.

“Do you mean, was it ok that you fucked me leaning over my kitchen table, or, did you mean was it ok, the sex?” I asked him.

I saw Danny thinking about my questions. I smiled at him, stepping closer, and lightly caressed his muscular, hard chest and softly said,

“It was just fine, Danny hon. All of it was just fine. I’ve experienced three new things today. It’s exciting.”

I gave Danny’s lips a peck as we stared into each other’s eyes, and I said, “You don’t need to ask me things like that anymore, Danny. The ice is broken, more than once, things are ok. If they weren’t I would say so.”

Joe hadn’t cum when we screwed on the counter, so when he walked over to me, I knew I was gonna get it again, only where and how was the unknown.

I stepped back from Danny and Joe had a hand inside of my open robe. I looked into Joe’s eyes as he felt me up. I put my hand around his hard cock and softly said in my sexiest tone,

“I know sweetie. We’ll take care of this right away ok.” I purred as I stroked his hard lengthwise, then added, “I need to use the bathroom first. Be right back, hon.

I kissed Joe’s lip, giving the bottom lip a bite. I gave his fat shaft a hard squeeze and said, “You drive me crazy, Joe, know that.”

I swaggered to the half bath in the kitchen. I sat down to pee, and get rid of Danny’s load. I reached under the sink and got a douche. This bugged me for some reason. I want to be fresh.

I went into the kitchen where Joe and Danny were seated with their drinks and had brought one for me.

“Thanks for this, I was getting very tursty.” I smilingly said and sipped the drink.

Joe put an arm around my waist, rubbing my bush up to my boobs and says, “Sit on my lap, Dotty.”

I smiled and turned my butt to do just that, Joe says, “I mean really sit on me, Dotty.”

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NSFW: yes

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