I’ve never seen so much cum


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For those of you who have seen my stories you know I am a 31(f) who brags about not having a gag reflex. Last night, it was really put to the test.

I’m at a hotel in Vancouver, Canada and my flight is this afternoon so I went to the hot tub for a final night of relaxation. I was there alone for about 5 minutes when a young black man sits down next to me. We begin talking and he is ripped and obviously works out. He told me his goal is make the CFL and he was still only 24. We flirted and I was touching his arms and legs and he was so hot I wish he would make a move.

He got up and as the water does, it made his shorts stick to him some. There I saw the outline of the biggest BBC I’ve ever seen. At least 10 inches if not more. I quickly commented “wow” without realizing and he laughed. He asked if I wanted to see it and then invited me to his room.

We got to his room and he said I need to show something if he was gonna and i proceeded to take off my top and let my boobs out. I then dropped to my knees and took out his cock. It fell out of his shorts and slapped my face. Immediately I started stroking him while taking his head in my mouth. I shoved him back on the bed and started to suck him. For the first time I was struggling a little.

I told him struggling was rare because I don’t gag but his length and girth were godly. He said “I can make you gag” and I told him to try his best. He quickly grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face.

It happened. I finally gagged as his whole cock was going in and out of my head. It was amazing. I never knew that I would love gagging on cock, I at all times wondered it would be scary. One hand on his stomach I pushed off and he let up. I caught my breath and said “fuck my mouth again.” This time we went 69 with him on top. He humped my face as he ate my pussy and I had never cum so quick. At this point my spit was all over my own face and I was so wet.

He bent me over and fucked leaving handprints on my ass. He then said if I liked gagging, watch this and he proceeded to put his hands around my neck. We had a safe word but I didn’t use it. I loved being choked and it made me cum so much harder.

After a while I was on my back and he was fucking me, watching my tits bounce, when he pulled out and oh my god. There was so much cum it covered from forehead to belly button. As soon as he stopped cumming I dropped to my knees and gave him another blowjob until he came again, this time in my mouth.

As a dare from him, I walked down the hall and went down the elevator covered in his cum and washed it off in the hot tub.

NSFW: yes

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