I’ve been trading sex favors for Real Estate Flips [26F] – Short Sex Story

My boyfriend and I run this real estate company. Basically we flip houses – if you ever seen any home renovation/flip TV show, then you have a pretty good idea on what we do. My boyfriend is the numbers/planning guy, and I’m the designer/agent. We typically hire contractors and tradesmen to help with the construction aspect of the flips.

At first, we had no idea what we were doing. It all just seemed so easy on TV. But once you get into a project, and the cost keep on rising, and you’re maxing out your credit cards, yeah, that sucks. On one of the first projects, we were all in. Like we needed to finish the house and sell it fast just to dig ourselves out. And of course, an unexpected cost surprise came up.

Steve was our contractor on that job, and he’s asking for money that we didn’t have. My boyfriend casually suggested that maybe I flirt with him. My boyfriend and I have a very liberal/sexual relationship, so this didn’t really bother us. So when Steve was trying to explain the surprise, I was heavily flirting with him. Wore a low cut tank top, and was practically throwing myself at him. Steve eventually got the hint and offered to ‘help’. But only if I blew him right then and there.

Fuck, I wasn’t expecting that. I just wondered flirting would be good enough. But again, we were desperate, and we just needed this to be done. So I hesitantly agreed. So almostly immediately, he sat down and he pushed me on my knees. He whipped out his cock, and yeah. I just started blowing him, right in the middle of our construction project. I remember hearing all the construction noises and just smelling his sweaty cock and balls, and I just blew him. And it wasn’t an easy blowjob. No, he was pretty forceful. Even some light face fucking. At the end, Steve just popped in my mouth, without any warning, and I basically gagged on the cum surprise.

Afterwards, I told my boyfriend what had happened, expecting the worst. But surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all, even a little kinky for him. He wanted to hear all the details. Honestly, it turned me on, knowing that this turned him on. Later that night, I gave my second blowjob of the day, swallowing my second load of cum. And true to his word, Steve figured out how to troubleshoot that cost surprise, which basically saved us.

After that flip project was done, we moved on to another project and Steve was bidding on it. Going into it, I had my boyfriend’s blessing, and even encouragement, to play along and ‘trade’ with Steve. So that’s what I did. I negotiated Steve’s price down, and he simply wanted to get laid. I remember calling my boyfriend, from the sleazy motel, saying that I’m gonna be late, I wanted to review the design. That was our secret codeword to let him know that I was about to fuck. And yeah, I fucked Steve to get a sweetheart deal on a house flip. And afterwards, I told my boyfriend all about it, and we had the most amazing sex.

We found that many contractors or construction people are very open to this quid pro quo type of trades. We hire them for sweetheart deals, and in return they get the company and laid. Often times, as we’re touring a new project, I’d show up in this mini skirt, heels and low cut top, basically advertising myself. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve purposely walked up stairs in a short skirt, with the contractor behind me, looking up my skirt. And the extra surprise? A jeweled anal plug. (Ok, I only did that a couple of times).

And my boyfriend is totally cool with it all. Sometimes as I’m calling him to let him know I’m gonna be late to ‘review the design’, I’d leave the phone on, so he can hear everything. And almost at all times, I make it out like I’m cheating on my bf. For some reason, guys like the fact that I’m ‘cheating’ and fucking them, with my bf being ‘oblivious’. Even though that’s not true at all.

NSFW: yes

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