I’ve been letting my fwb fuck me while I’m sleeping so he doesn’t have to wake me up

So one of my fwbs at all times get so horny in the middle of the night and he literally will wake me up to fuck and while I don’t really mind since I’m horny af too, I still like my sleep lmao.

Last night I told him that he didn’t have to wake me up from now on he can just fuck me gently and try to wake me up haha. I’m a super deep sleeper so I figured it might work.

Anyways today I woke up and I felt my pussy was soaked. He came in me. I asked him if he fucked me and if I woke up and he said that he did and I slept and moaned through the whole thing.

Glad I figured out a way to keep him happy and me well rested haha. Anyways right when I felt his cum in the morning I got pretty horny and asked him to fuck me again. Nothing better then starting the day already full of cum hehe

NSFW: yes

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