It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did.

See. It wasn’t supposed to happen. I was just suppose to be friends with this man and thats it. But things took a turn. I wasn’t please and neither was he. You see, he was my boyfriends best bud. They all the time hung out. We also got along great. Skip ahead a few weeks and I’m bent over the couch, and his cock is buried deep inside me. I can barely handle it but I push myself to Handle it all. I wanna please him. He fucks me with deep and slow strokes. Savoring all of my tiny wet hole. He tells me he doesn’t wanna cum for awhile so he’s going to take his time. He throws me over and onto my back and puts my legs over his shoulders, I feel him in my belly he’s so big inside of me. I squeal and try to get away but I can’t. He has me pinned and he’s telling me to take it all. As he thrusts harder and harder. Telling me to cum. It doesn’t take long before I cum so hard, I squirt and push his cock out of my Pussy. He puts it back inside me and tells me he’s going to fill my pussy up. He starts fucking me deep again and I cry out. I feel it all. I feel his cock swelling as he’s about to cum and I feel his hands holding me by my hips so I can’t run. I see his cock in and out of me. My lips wrapped around his cock so tightly. He tells me he’s cumming and he does. He fills me and keeps fucking me as he fills me full. Moaning with every spurt of cum deep in my womb. He looks at me and tells me he’s glad we finally got the tension out of the air. And that we need to continue this It wasnt supposed to happen but it did.

NSFW: yes

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