It was fun being a golf bae covering up being an Escort [26F]

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I started stripping while I was in school. It helped pay the bills and student loans. My club is one of the high end clubs in Las Vegas. I personally enjoy stripping, but its not for everybody.

Anyways, I’m making really good money, but then the pandemic hits. The club, and entire city shuts down, and I’m burning through my savings. My then BF, was a golf expert at this local course. Golf is booming, and he suggested being a beverage cart girl there. Basically look pretty, flirt and sell drinks to thirsty guys. Sure, why not, same skills as a stripper.

So I’m driving around the golf course, selling drinks. And it’s pretty easy. But what I never realized about golf. It’s basically a boy’s club. Bunch of guys hanging out, playing a sport, drinking, less inhibitations all around. And some of these men, when a pretty girl comes around, they can be forward and sexual, sometimes creepy. Maybe it was the isoloation of the golf course. No one around besides your buddies. Maybe a dirty joke, or a opinion about my tits, or some wandering hands. Just like a strip club.

To be fair, most guys are there to play golf. Or they’re just respectful and private. But it’s Vegas. And Vegas attracts a certain crowd and behavior.

All good on my end. I’m used to all of it from being a stripper. So, I’d just flirt back and chat with them. Often, I would discover an excuse to mention I’m a stripper. Like “Oh, I love the outdoors, and the hours are better than my other job” It’s just too easy sometimes. Once they knew that I stripped, the tips would skyrocket.

So here’s the thing. During my off days, I learned how to play golf. My golf BF (now ex), showed me the basics. And I took lessons from others. And I actually got pretty good. I would just practice and play whenever I could.

At a golf course, there’s at all times a fractured foursome. So I’ll be at my course, and I’ll fill out. Some guys have apprehension about playing with a girl – like I’d slow them down. But then they realize that I’m some eye candy wearing a skimpy outfit, who will be constantly bending over. Yeah, most guys get comfortable quickly playing with me. It’s like a gimmie. Then they quickly realize that I’m actually good.

So I’m playing golf with some guys, for 4 – 5 hours. Isolated on the golf course, with some alcohol. Mix in my stripper sex stories and sex life. Conversations got raunchy pretty fast. Par for the course.

Ok, one day I’m at the golf course. This group of guys come in – Vegas bachelor party trip with golf. One guy is too hungover to play, so I join them from standby. Predictably I’m the center of attention, they’re soaking up my stripper stories and all. I’m riding with the best man – Mark. And we’re flirting, and there’s defintely some sexual energy and attraction between us.

After golf, we’re back in the clubhouse, and Mark pulls me apart… “Hey, had a great time with you. We’re in town for a while. Do you want to party with us tonight and dance for us?” Something like that. Now, I don’t really do private stripping parties, but I’m sort of hurting for cash, and they seem nice enough. So fuck it, sure why not.

Later that night, I show up at their place. I brought a stripper girlfriend and a guy friend with me. And yeah, we just did our thing. Honestly, it was fun to party and strip again. And eventually I found Mark. Only a few hours after shaking his hand on the 18th, I was shaking my ass on his lap. Major chemistry here, I despartely want to fuck him.

Towards the end of the party, my girlfiend actually twisted her ankle and wanted to leave. But I wanted to still party with Mark. So I suggested that our guy friend drive her home, her place was only 15 mins away anyways. And I’ll stay here. No worries, I have my phone on me, and he’ll be back in 30 mins anyways.

So they left, and I suggested to Mark that we go somewhere more private. Yup, everybody knew what’s about to happen. So we went to his bedroom, and we just fucked – pure raw animal primal fucking. It felt so good to have his dick inside of me. I don’t know why, but for fun I found and put on his golf glove, lol. And he took his belt, wrapped it around my waist, and gripped it like a harness. He was fucking me from behind, doggstyle. Basically gripping the belt and fucking wailing away. Smacking my ass until it was bright red. It was awesome.

So after a little while, we begin to hear this commottion from the living room. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but there was shouting and shoving and stuff. Then I realize it was my guy friend, who came back. He’s looking for me, and getting pissed that I wasn’t around. Oh shit, I completely forgot about him. So I come racing out of Mark’s bedroom. Like completely nude. But wearing Mark’s golf glove, and still have his belt around me. My ass is red and I’m skampering around in my stripper heels. Haha, I would have loved to see this scene.

Anyways, I calm my friend down. Yes, I’m fine, he’s very sweet. He can go home, I’ll be fine. I’m staying and spending the night with Mark. Mark looked like the man, as he’s comes out of the bedroom with a towel on and a big smile. And with that, Mark tugged my belt like a leash and whistled me back to fuck.

The next morning, I’m getting ready to leave. And Mark gives me an envelope of cash for payment. And he goes “Hey, we’re playing 18 at another course, want to play another round with us?” Ummm, yeah.. sure? Why the fuck not. I’ll meet you there.

So I finally get home, get cleaned up and get my golf gear ready. That’s when I open up Mark’s cash envelope. And there’s like double the amount of cash that I was expecting. Even after paying the other girl. Oh shit, did he just pay me… to fuck him? Fuck, I didn’t want that. I’ll apologize and explain when we meet up.

So I meet Mark at the course. We’re about to tee off, and I went to him. “Hey, great time last night. Sorry again about my friend. BTW, I think there was a misunderstanding about the cash. I’m not really that type of girl”.

He goes “Yeah, keep it, you earned it. If it makes you feel better, just say that the cash was for golf lessons”. And some of the guys are interested in some lessons while we’re in town.”And with that Mark teed off, and bombed it down the fairway. (No not really, he sliced it, but it would have been gangster if he did).

This sort of clicked something in my whore mind. Fuck, I think I can pull this off. I did wind up keeping Mark’s cash. And I did wind up teaching more ‘lessons’ while they were in town.

And yeah, that was my first time escorting. I still teach ‘golf lessons’ to those who are interested. There are so many interesting things that I learned. Some kinks, weird fetishes, obscure golf rules. The boys club culture of golf. The crazy wealth of some guys. And all the while, I get to play on some amazing golf courses. Something I couldn’t ever do, if I didn’t whore myself out.

NSFW: yes