Interesting tinder date

So I have a very interesting story. I (m24) matched with a lady on tinder (f51). We had been texting back and forth and I noticed that she used a very assertive tone when talking to me. Almost as if she was my mother. Now remind you in my head I’m just looking to hook up with a hot mom. What was coming next could not have been accepted. She asked me to come over and I agreed. She then turned on her dominant side. She said that if I wanted to come over I needed to agree that she was in charge of the whole night no matter what. Being the horny young guy I am I agreed. The time came to head to her house. As she opened the door I noticed her in heels and a large black strap on dildo along with a leash in her hand. I have never even had a finger in me nevermind that thing. She immediately said “get undressed boy.” I did as I was told. As I slid my pants off I tried to hide my rock hard erection but it was no use. She put the leash on me and ordered me to my knees and walked me into the bathroom. This is where things got interesting. She laid me on the cold tile floor and my erection started to fade. She then began to cover me with oils from head to toe and stroked my erection back to life. Then she muttered the words “time to give me what I want” she shoved her dildo into me forcefully. It hurt at first but began to feel good. However when she pulled out I pooped all over my legs and the floor. I was so embarrassed but she said “good boy” almost as if she knew that was gonna happen. She began to grab my poop with her bare hands and rub it all over my body. If you asked me an hour earlier how I felt about this I would have been repulsed but for some reason the feeling over vulnerability and embarrassment made my cock twitch. She began smearing my poop all over my cock and jerked me to completion. She then stuck her cum/poop covered hand in my mouth for me to eat. This was far and away the kinkiest and wildest thing I have done. It was an awakening for me sexually as I have been back 5 times in the last 2 months.

NSFW: yes

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