Intense Quickie [FF]

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She had apparently found an interesting show on Netflix. It had a really interesting and unique concept for a competition show and she wanted to watch it together. So we put it on the tv and begin watching, it’s interesting and has some funny moments. Really impressive crew and set design, but the contestants were basic loud personalities so it turned us from interested to making fun of the show to make it more entertaining. We’re about halfway through season one after a couple days of watching a few episodes at a time, and she starts to touch me, feeling up my body, breathing in my ear. I go with it and begin to enjoy it. I love when she turns into my cute little slut, so needy.

I feel her behind me with my hands and discover her neck. I gently squeeze it, she lets out small moans and starts to breathe faster. I turn around to face her, I watch her expression as I squeeze a little more. She feels her hands down my body and starts to rub my clit over my shorts. My hips begin to grind against her hand feeling the intense warmth coming from the pleasure. “I need you inside me” I gasp out. She pulls my shorts and underwear down, and plays with my wetness. She rubs my clit directly for a few seconds before putting in two fingers. I rest my head on her shoulder as she pumps them in and out. I need more. “Fill me up! I want you to stretch me!” I beg. “Wait here for a second” she says as she moves me over to get up. I sit down and hear her go into the bedroom and open a drawer. She comes back with a towel and our medium size dildo, about seven inches in length and an average circumference, nothing enormous but enough to satisfy me.

She places the towel under me and starts to rub it on my slit, getting it wet and ready for me. I feel the head at my entrance. “Ready?” She asks. And I nod, I need this so bad. I feel her begin to push it in with ease. I close my eyes and moan as I feel it go deep inside with ease. I love how tight it feels. She starts off with a slow rhythm, but speeds up quickly. Fast and rough, just how I wanted it.

She tells me to breathe in. As I do she covers my nose and mouth, and my body to panic. It doesn’t take me long to begin bucking and clawing for air. The thrusting starts feeling more intense as she goes harder and faster. “That’s it, you’re being such a good little whore.” She says softly to me. I feel my orgasm coming, she knows this is the quickest way for me to cum, it’s also the most intense. I begin clawing her arm and back even harder. I’m gonna cum! It rushes at me and I begin to orgasm, feeling myself squeezing hard on the toy. If it wasn’t muffled it would sound like I was screaming in pleasure. I tap her arm and she releases, causing me to gasp for air. I feel her pull out and I can tell I made a mess by the sound of it. As I recover she gently cleans me up with the towel. After a few minutes I get new underwear and put my shorts back on. “Let’s rewind back.” I say still breathing heavily. We missed about ten minutes of the episode, but it wasn’t that interesting anyways.

NSFW: yes

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