In The Eyes of God Pt. 1 (m/f) (Church) (18+) (Straight)

This is one of my first few times writing in this genre so any constructive criticism is welcome. I hope you enjoy

For 18 yr old Caleb gonna church on Sunday was something he only did because of his mother. Caleb absolutely hated going because in his eyes it was just a way they government indoctrinated it’s people. He didn’t believe that there was some higher power who pulled the strings of what we call life. But if he had to go to church at least he would get to see his best friend Cherish.

Caleb and Cherish had been friends since they met in Sunday college back when they were in 3rd grade. He all the time had a crush on her, and he felt like she felt the same about him but he was all the time too nervous to make a move. Cherish was the definition of a southern bell; She was the preacher’s daughter, and she had long blonde hair, eyes as blue as the ocean, and a body that would make a model blush. Caleb knew that she was out of his league; because Caleb was a big guy weighing in at 280lbs but on his 6’4 frame he carried it well but definitely Well enough for a girl like Cherish to be interested in him. Well all that was about to change!

When Caleb arrived at church he quickly found his ordinary seat in the very back pew and waited for Cherish to arrive and take her seat beside him. While he waited Caleb decided to scroll through Instagram, but a couple minutes later he looked up and saw Cherish it took his breath away. Cherish was wearing a shirt light blue dress that hugged all her curves just enough so Caleb could see everything. Caleb got up to let Cherish take her seat, but before her could sit back down he felt his cock stiffening beneath his pants just from looking at her. Hoping Cherish wouldn’t notice he took his hoodie off and put it across his lap in a effort to hide is raging boner in church.

Caleb’s attempt at concealing his hardened member was futile. Cherish saw the way his body reacted to how the dress hugged her body in all the right places as soon as Caleb stood up. It was reassurance that her plan was working. When She took her seat next to her friend she made sure to sit closer to him than ordinary so that their bodies were basically touching.

Not long after everyone was seated the Preacher got on the stage and service started. Caleb had been hoping that with the boredom of sitting through the sermon would take his mind off of they way his body was reacting to Cherish. But that would have been to predictable. All he could think about was How hot Cherish looked sitting right next to him so close that they were touching. After about 20 minutes Caleb had to readjust his hard cock, but when he was trying Cherish grabbed his hand to stop him. And without saying a word she put her hand under the hoodie in his lap and started rubbing the length of his 7 inch cock through his pants. This drove Caleb crazy!

After a few minutes of stroking him through his pants Cherish moved her hand up to discover his zipper. She unzipped his pants and proceeded to pull his raging hard cock out under his hoodie. Once Caleb’s dick was out his pants Cherish spit in her hand silently and started stroking his length using her spit as lube. It took every ounce of strength in Caleb’s body for him not to moan out and let everyone in the church know what was happening in the back pew. About 5 minutes into Cherish jerking Caleb off he felt his dick begin to tense up and he whispered to Cherish that he was gonna cum. Without a moment of hesitation Cherish dropped her pen giving her a reason to bend forward. When she bent down to retrieve the pen she positioned herself so that when she felt Caleb’s cock clench she placed her mouth on the tip of his cock and let him bust rope after rope of hit cum into her mouth.

After Caleb was done busting his load in Cherish’s mouth she sat back up and smiled at him before sticking her cum covered tongue at him. She then swallowed his cum with a smile on her face. When all the seed was down her throat she helped him put his cock back in his pants and she layed her head in his shoulder. Not sure what this meant going forward Caleb grabbed her hand and said “I guess this was your way of in the eyes of god and everyone showing me how you really felt!”.

All Cherish did was smile at him and say “You were to scared to make a move so I did it myself! So my question to you Caleb is does this make us officially together? Because of it does there is a lot more where that handjob came from.”.

NSFW: yes

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