I(M60) was the subject of an initiation ceremony

I met a lady who looked so gorgeous and she has long beautiful black hair. We got along great and spent time together. After a few weeks, she invited me to a party. We got well dressed up and rode about 1 hour and a half to the location of the party. When we got inside the house which was secluded, I noticed that the room was full of only women who dressed alike and I was the only man there. I wondered it was strange but I acted typical and we sat down to eat. We all ate dinner and had a few drinks and then I felt really funny.
I woke up with my hands and feet tied up and aside, I was laying on a round table that seems to be able to rotate. I was totally naked and I noticed that my cock was very long and thick, I looked at it and looked at the women all around me. I was scared. And suddenly I saw that one of the women had a knife in her hand and was about to plunge it in my chest and then I felt no pain as I drifted unconscious.
When I awoke, I was not bound up anymore and then I was told to get on my feet and do what I am here for. I felt like myself but different at the same time. All the women got to their knees and bow face down around me and call me master. I felt as if I knew them all and I commanded them to rise to their feet and come forward. I kissed them all on their forehead and they took a position that was in a circle around me.
I laid back on the table and all the women were giving me pleasure by licking all over my body. As they took turns riding my cock, I felt myself cumming inside all of them. After that they all thanked me and said that they will carry my seed for generations to come. I became very aggressive and we had an orgy for the next few hours. I became unconscious and woke up in the car with my girlfriend driving back home.

NSFW: yes

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