I went to my bosses farewell party as a vanilla-girl and ended up as his cum rug in the hotel room [27F]

That was some years ago so pardon my shit memory for details. Like before my ex, so has to be about 6 years ago.

Meet me age 21, year-one Londoner freshly after breakup with my first and only boyfriend at the time, vanilla to the brim iron-maiden good girl™

Was working at this restaurant for some months now, I figure out my boss, twice my age hot middle eastern guy is leaving to go to states. Farewell party it is and I’m not even counting on getting an ounce of his attention. I mean I know for a fact there was at least one, probably two waitresses that have been close to him. You know what I mean.

Turns out my revealing tight dress is actually making him talk to me a lot. Or actually stare at my tits while talking. Same thing, but not really. This is probably the first time in 3 years when I’m out alone, single and drunk.

How did he talk me into going with him? Fuck if I remember. I can only recall my heart beating at the rate of 150BPM when I walk down the halfway dark hotel corridor with his hand on my ass feeling like an absolute whore. If there was one thing I can remember it’s what I was thinking about (except for shaming myself internally for being about to be free slut for him) – I was glad I shaven before and wore nice undies. Priorities XD

When we are in the room he doesn’t even make me a drink or talk to much. He just gets down to company, or rather makes me go down and suck his cock. Even when I try to talk he just tells me to shut up and suck it harder and take it deeper.

He bends me over the bed, eats me out from behind and fingers. If I told you I didn’t get wet and deep like a well I would lie. Same if I told you I didn’t moan. Fuck I did moan like a lunatic. I don’t know if my ex wasn’t that good or it was just the whole attire that made me so horny. But that was definitely the first time I begged a guy to fuck me and to fuck me hard. Which he did.

When he finished he just took a quick shower and told me to leave the room card at the reception when I’m leaving.

I cried ugly to Annie at least twice. I also think my workmates found out as one of them made a opinion once or twice. I soon dived deep into another long-term relationship. If I said I never wondered of that night while fucking my boyfriend I would lie again. Fortunately for you I’m a bad liar.

NSFW: yes

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