I went commando underneath my skirt, at brunch with my parents (f18 korean)


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my parents suggested we go out to brunch at this fancy Asian restaurant. Tbh i didnt feel like going but they forced me to, so i decided to be a little naughty girl 🙂

I slipped into a white cute skirt, feeling the breeze on my bare skin because, and decided to not wear panties 🙂

As we sat at the table, I could feel the cool surface of the chair against my bare bottom, sending shivers up my spine. With each movement, I couldn’t help but feel a thrill, knowing my secret was hidden just beneath the fabric.

It was a tantalizing blend of fear and excitement, knowing that at any moment, a gust of wind or an accidental slip could expose my daring choice. And let me tell you, my heart raced the entire time, making every moment unforgettable. As we left the restaurant, I couldn’t help but smile mischievously, my little secret still intact.

My parents are super strict and used to control how i dressed- they would never know their little girl has her pussy exposed with them 🙂

NSFW: yes

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