I was the first girl to blow my son

Color me surprised.

The enormous amount of amateur porn I had stumbled across on his hard drive and phone on various occassions had given me the impression that he was already quite experienced with girls by the time I finally got his cock down my throat. 

Apparently, my big mistake was assuming a healthy fap habit and an already quite…evolved…taste in fetish porn was some sort of indicator of actual IRL action.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Both my sons are very handsome young men.

As far as I’m concerned, my son’s looks in no way could have had an affect on his lack of play with attractive girls his own age.

Instead, I quickly came to the conclusion that all the trauma he and his brother had been subjected to growing up (we’re cult survivors, for those unaware) + his porn addiction had simply…stunted him, personality wise.

If that WASN’T the case, explain me coming home from work early one day shortly after he turned 18 and graduated high college (with his virginity still very much intact) to discover him completely naked and feverishly beating off into a pair of my dirty panties … as mom / son incest porn played in stunning HD on our living room projector – taking up the entire wall.

He tried to rush to right the situation, to cover up, to stop the porn, to hide the bright red embarrassment written clear as day across his face, but I was having none of it.
What was done was done.

There was no going back now.

“Sit back down,” I demanded, snatching my tossed panties up from the ground.

The pair I was currently wearing were completely drenched.

Just what sort of sick, twisted woman was I…turned on by my own son getting off to the idea of me!

I didn’t have time to mull it over.

Before I could process just what the fuck I was doing, caution was thrown to the wind and I was on my knees sucking off my own son in a way I hadn’t gratified his own father in years.

Maybe it was because I pitied his virginal state, or maybe I was just taking benefit of the decimated boundary of decency he himself had already destroyed. 

Regardless, I wanted it…I wanted him…and when he finally exploded his sticky load in my throat, I made sure to swallow each and every delicious drop.

What can I say? 

I wanted him to see once and for all that the real thing was far better than anything porn hub could offer him.

Needless to say…it was the beginning of a very fruitful new mother / son relationship 😉

NSFW: yes

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