I was allowed to cum, but only if his friends can too f19 Part 1

Long warning

He woke up and turned over, realising i wasnt wearing the pajamas i went to sleep in, that i wasnt wearing anything at all, i wondered that after a long week of waiting, he should finally get to have some fun. I was still asleep when he started rubbing my clit and fingering me gently, but he knew from my lack of clothing that i wanted him, all of him. Pulling out his rock hard cock, he began to glide it in and out between the lips of my pussy gently so not to wake me up, or so he wondered, softly moaning to himself as he’d been waiting all week to finally fuck me. He wanted it so bad, but he also wanted to punish me for making him wait so long.

He spat on his hand and rubbed it all over his throbbing dick, and went into his draw to grab our little vibrator. Turning it on, he gently reached around me and placed it on my clit, simultaneously he started to enter me. I gasped when he’d pushed himself all the way in as hed also pressed the vibrator into my clit more. I started moaning, “i hope your ready, because you’ve got a lot to do to make up for this last week”. He started pulling his cock out slowly and once it was just the tip in, he thrusted back in hard. He started biting my neck and moaning in my ear, the two things he knows drive me crazy.

He pulled out completely and dragged me to the edge of the bed, inserting a different vibrator into my pussy, this time one thats remote controlled. “I dont want you going anywhere, we could be here while”. He pulls out some rope that we’ve only used on occasion and makes me kneel on the floor infront of him, he goes behind me and ties my hands behind my back, then ties a knot of rope to each ankle, with a loop so he can easily hook them to each corner of the bed. He comes back around to the front and grabs me by the hair “its going to be a long day for you” and before i can answer my usual yes daddy, he shoves his cock in my mouth and fucks my face. Tears roll down my cheeks but he doesnt care, hes too busy getting the pleasure that i deprived him of. He temporarily forgets about the little remote for my vibrator, but not long enough, he could tell i was getting close to cumming from how much i was moaning on his cock, so he turned it off “you dont get to cum yet, but when you do, you’ll wish id just kept stopping” i whimpered and let him continue to fuck my face and use me.

A while passed and there was spit and tears all over my face and tits as it had dripped down, he grabbed me by the throat and pushed me back onto the bed. Removing the vibrator, he started licking my sensitive pussy and gently biting my clit, making me flinch. He pulled out the first vibrator again and started running it over the inside of my thighs and the sides of my pussy, i wanted it on my clit so bad, but it never happened, as he was getting closer to it, he turned it off and put it to the side. He kissed up my body and started licking and sucking my nipples, something id never been fond of but today it felt so good, i was deprived of sensation.

He couldnt wait any longer, he had to be in me, he pushed me into the middle of the bed and looped the rope on my ankles to the top of the bedfame, leaving me completely exposed, we usually used condom but today was different, he couldn’t wait. He rubbed the tip of his cock on my clit which made me shake, and without wasting another second, plunged his cock inside me, i moaned loudly because his size is quite large, 7 inch long and very wide. He fucked me like he needed my pussy, pushing the whole thing in a deep as efficient, and pulling the whole thing out, but soon that wasnt enough, he began to pound my little pussy making me scream and moan.

From the look in his eyes, i knew he was gonna use me however he liked. He dragged me off the bed and pushed me to the end where he spread my legs and once again looped the rope so i couldnt move, he pushed his cock deep inside me and grabbed my hips hard, digging in his nails, i yelped but he didnt care, soon he started pounding me again and all i could think about was when id be allowed to cum, i was getting so so close, he must of been able to tell by my screams as he once again stopped and pushed me onto the bed, face down, he lifted up my ass and smacked it hard, forcing his cock back inside me, he lent down, kissing my back, and scratching my stomach. He reached around and started pinching my clit, but i didnt care, i just wanted more of his dick. After almost cumming again, he grabs me and pushes me against the wall, my tits and face felt the coldness and a shiver went down my spine. He stood on the rope loops so i couldnt move again and slowly rubbed his tip on my clit.

“You really want me to let you cum? You have been so good today” he grabbed my face and slammed his whole cock inside me, i was so wet that i was dripping all over his dick. “Hm well maybe ill let you cum, but ive got a few friends who need this almost as much as me, if i let you cum, you need to let them cum too” we’d talked about other people fucking me before but never actually tried it, i was nervous but i needed to cum. I nodded and said yes daddy. “Good girl, but first, you need to finish servicing me” he said while slowly starting to fuck me. He eventually started pounding me again after a while teasing me with the slow, soft strokes. He grabbed my throat and fucked me harder than he had all day.

Quickly, i remembered he didnt have a condom on, but i knew he wasnt gonna stop. “Please sir…I’m not….on my…pill” i gasped and moaned. “Be quiet baby, let me pump you full of my cum, your going to take it all, arent you?” Knowing it wasnt really a question, i nodded “yes sir.” he was gonna fill up my tight little pussy whether i wanted it or not, he was in control, i was his to use and play with.

He was pounding into me and groaning, grabbing my hips and digging his nails in, grabbing my tits and slapping them. I felt his hot cum filling up my pussy, his moans where loud and he pushed his cock all tbe way in. Without waiting to catch his breath, he replaced his cum covered cock with my remote vibrator, he grabbed my throat and moved me to the bed, bending me over it and attaching my feet to the bottom. “Now its your turn, but remember if you get to cum, so do all of my friends” i nodded and begged him to just let me cum. He sat down on a chair behind me and turned on the vibrator, immediately setting it to the highest setting. My legs where trembling and i was close to screaming, i was getting hotter and hotter until finally, after hours of waiting, i got to cum, i was screaming and shaking, my pussy was dripping from how wet i was and all the cum, it lasted for what seemed like hours.

Even after i came, he kept on the vibrator, i was trembling and begging him to turn it off, he came around to my face and grabbed my chin. “my friends agreed they needed this and cant wait, they’ll be here later today, so get ready, because your going to have the night of your life”. I asked how many there be, thinking it would be 2 or 3, “13, its going to be a full house”…

NSFW: yes

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