I want my secretary’s enormous boobs soo bad M37


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I have a young asian secretary thats fairly good looking, she was very thin and large chested when she started. Over the years she has gained some weight but i think 90% went to her boobs! which i love becuase im 100% a boob guy.

I get hard just watching her walk around the office and her boobs bounce becuase there is no way to control boobs this big… we are past the D’s for sure and into the F’s …. G’s…. i dont know but id love to understand.

we recently built a gym at work and im one of the few that actually use it. but everyone once in a while she will come after work and use. Now she is super self conscious Bout her boobs so she will wear a baggy shirt and do nothing that makes them bounce (at least while im there). but the minute shes goes into that change room and i know shes getting naked i want to see soo bad, and have wondered so many time now…. i bwt theres a way i could peak. but so far have not gone to that urge. though i want to sooo bad!

NSFW: yes

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