I told her how to get the contract and she went for it. Part 1 (MMF)

It was unusual to see my late wife get angry and upset even more unusual to be both at the same time. Sorry part one is long winded, part two doesn’t have to explain anything at the beginning.

She came in from work, slamming the door then screaming at the top of her lungs walked into the kitchen sat at the table and put her head in her hands and began sobbing. I poured a glass of wine which she accepted and downed in one and handed me the glass for a refill. I left her there (Trust me putting my arms around her at that point would have had me in the emergency room) and went to run a bath then went back to try and console her. She then told me her boss was forcing her to try and get a contract sorted that 4 of her male colleagues had already failed to do. Her tears were more about the frustration of once again having to do something that the others failed to do. She explained the contract not only would bring a enormous amount of money to the business but also give her a substantial bonus. I took her by the hand and lead her to the bath, I slowly stripped her of her clothes and held her hand until she got in. I went to get another glass of wine and took it to her. I gently washed her hair making sure to softly massage her head and then washed her all over then let her lay back down . As she lay there I told her the money wasn’t essential to us, we weren’t super rich but we lived pretty well. She then explained the guys who had gone there have never lasted more than a few minutes before they were sent on their way and they were all top guys what chance did she have. She was still frustrated when she stepped out to dry her off. She didn’t feel like eating and instead went to bed, I joined her and took her in my arms and she fell asleep. I held her all night never let her go once I didn’t try and have sex with her it was all about making her feel that I was there for her.

In the morning and after being awake all night I had decided to give her my ideas of what to do. I woke her and told her to get dressed as we had shopping to do. I then explained to her that she had a few benefits over the guys and she need to do whatever it takes to get the contract. It took an hour to discover the clothes I wondered would be of use. A black skirt, tight and coming down to mid thigh, a top low enough to excite but still high enough to be respectable (Ish, but only with a bra on). New black undies, I am not a fan of black underwear I think red is a much better colour to be sexy thigh highs and a new pair of shoes with a heel that made her tower over me.

The day arrived for her meeting, she had dressed and came out of the bedroom to see what I wondered. The first thing I noticed was the outline of her panties were showing, “Should I take them off and put a black thong on?” she asked, I told to just take them off and leave it at that. When she opened her jacket her bra straps and bra could be seen also. I told her if she was confident enough she should leave her bra off too. She looked at me “That doesn’t seem very professional though”. I told her that she was pretty much assured to get the contract. The bra got taken off. Now she had the WOW factor. She had coffee with me but wouldn’t let me kiss her or hug her, to be honest I wanted to fuck her across the table. Then the phone rang, the business she was gonna and the man she was gonna see was cancelling. She slammed down the phone. I told her to go anyway because once they saw her she would not be refused seeing him. She promised to keep me updated.

She got there at 10, I heard nothing from her until just after 12. Her message was simple, the meeting was going well and he was taking her for lunch. then nothing until probably 3 hours later. “Meal was great we are in the bar, he has had his hands on my thighs and wants me to go to the room he has at the hotel. Is that OK” I sent back go for it see you later. 9pm she messaged me that she was about to head home.

She arrived home, hugged me, kissed me and called me genius and then went straight to the shower. Then she came and explained everything.

All through the meeting he kept staring at her it was only when they were in the bar that she realised her nipples were almost exposed. When she went to put the papers in front of him he got a clear view down her top and her skirt had ridden up and the tops of her thigh highs were exposed. He said he would sign his part but his brother needed to sign as well and she would have to come back for his signature then he took her for lunch. When they were at the bar yes he had his hands on her thighs but also a couple of times gone higher and discovered there was nothing covering her pussy, at the bar he pushed a finger into her and slowly finger fucked her to an orgasm. When he asked her to go to his hotel room she agreed without thinking. As soon as they were in the room he pulled her to him and began to kiss her and fingering her pussy again. He told her to strip for him ( that didn’t take long 3 items of clothing) and dance. As she swayed to the music he had stripped off himself and was stroking a reasonably sized cock. He then told her to go and kneel by the bed. she wondered she was gonna give him a blow job, instead he got behind her and spread her ass cheeks, she heard him spit then felt him push the head of his cock into her. He took her roughly and was grabbing handfuls of her tits, I saw the red marks, he rode her for quite some time before grunting and filling her ass. When he pulled out he turned her around and told her to suck him which she did, his cock was by now pretty limp but she knew she could get him hard. He stopped her from continuing telling her he had to get home to his wife. He walked over to his wallet threw $200 at her and told her to get used to it as she was now part of his payroll. He left before she did, she had a quick drink in the bar then came home to me. I took her in my arms and kissed her, picked her up and took her to bed. I made love to her that night slow and gentle, as she lay there she began laughing “So what’s it like being my pimp?” I just looked at her “Well how much will you be paying me.

A week later she met up with him again and his older brother, the other partner she needs to convince.

NSFW: yes

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