I (m19) cheated on my girlfriend (f20) with her best friend (f22)

For y’all to figure out, I’ve been with my girlfriend (montse) for 2 years and our connection is still the same as it has been since we met. I still love her and so does she, but internally and very deeply I feel like… kinda bored(? of doing it w the same girl 2 years ago (and yeah, she at all times wants to fuck)

I was with my gf in her house and her friend (the girlfriend of one’s of my best friends too) asked her if she could come because she felt very bad about problems that neither of them mentioned in that moment, so after a few hours it was the three of us talking about life and smoking weed

lately annie (her friend) opened up more, like they would talk without problems if it was them alone but since I was there she waited to gain confidence

she started talking about how she felt very stressed about school, plus her boyfriend was angry with her because she no longer wanted to make things w him precisely because that stress, and on top of that they didn’t have a private place to do it (as my girlfriend and I had, since I have an apartment and my gf house is big af)

she was showing something to annie in her gallery but something happened that they both laughed at (annie more than my gf because I noticed her a bit of nervous laughter more than a funny one)

So I wondered they were laughing bc of the weed or they found some nudes that we send each other occasionally. in the worst (or best) case it was a video of me fucking montse. i noticed sum horny gestures on annies body lenguage after that, sooo

we started to get bored and since smoking made us very hungry, we paid an uber to the closest rest we had.

things escalated very quickly from here, we arrived at the restaurant, ordered, and while we were eating, montse received a message from her parents. She had to go home fast af because she left weed in the room and her parents would arrive right away, none of the three had finished eating so annie and i agreed in front of her that we were gonna order ours to eat at home and then we went straight to our houses.

That’s what my girlfriend thinks happened, but it didn’t. As we waited for our bill, I asked annie what was the thing that made them both laugh. She got a little nervous and told me it was a photo that montse had taken of me and I believed her, but I remembered the gestures she made afterwards and I said “r you sure?” looking straight into her eyes, but smiling a little. After stuttering a bit, she told me the truth. She saw how I put my dick in Montse’s face. Honestly I never imagined that she would react like this, because she is very shy and the only person I saw her confide in is Montse.

Making her admit what she saw made me instantly horny, I could no longer see her with the same eyes in that night. Annie has black hair, she has a very nice and fit, but small ass, a well round pair of tits and she wears glasses. I started to fuck with her, joking about she saw and asking if she liked it. We didn’t last long in that restaurant because we started ogle each other until we decided to go to my place. Her eyes looking at my body made me very horny. she rlly seemed to want what she saw in the photo

. I told Montse that I was already home and that the smoke hit me badly bc of the worry so that I was gonna sleep for a while.

During the whole ride annie touched my dick slowly on top of my pants and we kissed gently but we had all the desire to make it rough. As soon as we arrive, I lock the door and we begin making out, we kissed with so much desire, and she squeezed my dick hard, while I was pushing her towards the wall. We did it all over the house, on the kitchen table she took off my shirt and on the sofa I took off all her clothes except her underwear. Her ass looked incredible in her black underwear, a very good ass, her super skinny abdomen and her thighs just like her ass

Finally we went to my room, I choked her and made her bend over her knees, she unbuckled my belt and started to give me head that gave me goosebumps. She has a very adorable face, and she gave me a very “”unexperienced”” head but that made her look very innocent and made me even more harder than I was. Both hands on my dick while Im leaned with one hand on the wall and other squeezing his cheeks, then using her throat while she was wearing those glasses kneeling against the wall was so fucking hot

I started to tell her that she was a thirsty slut and that her boyfriend was right in believing that she didn’t feel like it anymore but just with him, that she just wanted another dick to fill her pussy, that she was just my shy whore who just didnt want to admit it

While I spanked her with my belt and laid her on the bed, I grabbed both hands while I was fast fucking her pussy, then I put her doggy to hit her better with my belt, and this position made her go crazy. I started to pull his hair and the back shots were on another level. Her small waist and her chubby thighs made the view be matchless.

i honestly don’t know what was the exact thing that made her shake like that, but from one moment to another, she was out of control, her face seemed to be in another level of pleasure and it made me harder to know that she was enjoying it so much.

We were like 10 minutes in that position and then she started to ride me and jump like an animal over me, then I lay her down again and massaged her clitoris while I fucked her very fast until we stopped because we were both about to cum.

I choked her one more time to put her in doggy while fingering her pussy I slowly told her that she was very obedient like a little princess for not cuming yet and she lost control, she went out of her mind

While totally crazy shaking she started to BEG me to fuck her in the ass. told me that her ass was still a virgin but that she needed me to be inside. That her boyfriend at all times asked her and she refused every time.

montse hadn’t let me do it either, so I accepted having the hardest cock I’ve ever have in my life. I made some handcuffs with my belt, tied her hands behind her back and filled her ass and my dick with lube. I started slowly to put it in her ass and it was the biggest cries of pain combined with pleasure that I heard in my life. She told me everything, she screamed please don’t stop and that she loved feeling me inside. At one point I felt bad because she started calling me “baby” (and in my language you can only say that to your boyfriend)

It’s probably the best I’ll ever feel in sex. I had my friend’s girlfriend begging me to give her anal for the first time in her life. wow.

We kept fucking and she had an anal orgasm, and she came twice.

I also came twice and the first time it was in her mouth, when I finished I grabbed her neck to see if she had swallowed everything and there was a little left over like so I slap her in the face and made her swallow everything. the girl with the strongest degrading kink I have ever been with.

We never did anything like that again but we talk about it in txt sometimes, I never forget the view I had in all positions with his face and the backshots frfr.

NSFW: yes

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