I love showing pics of my nude body but not without consent

As the caption suggests, I love showing my cock, my nude body to people who genuinely want to see it. I post sometimes on numerous dick subreddits but majority of the times that results in unwanted traffic and occasional shaming, which believe me nobody likes. So I am formally asking here if anybody wants to see my cock, my nude body, my ass?? I am not thrusting you guys with unsolicited dick pics, I am asking if anyone’s interested to or are intrigued by this post, then do DM me.. I am straight so I do prefer women but guys are welcome too if they just wanna see dick, my nude body and nothing else.. Thanks for reading my post and if you get offended or irritated by it then I genuinely apologize. It’s just people all the time complain about getting unsolicited dick pics so I wanna do it right..

NSFW: yes

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