I let this man finger me during my son’s football game

As a mother of 2, I’ve at all times been proud of my children and loved cheering them on at their sports games. Last weekend, my son’s football team had a big competition. As I sat in the stands, I couldn’t help but notice this man who caught my eye.

He was handsome and charming, but wayyy younger than me. I guess this made me feel even more flattered by his attention. I couldn’t help but smile and make small talk with him. Don’t blame me…

As the game went on, I found myself more and more drawn to this guy. He made me feel younger. We talked and laughed, and I felt a thrill of excitement every time he touched my arm or brushed against me.

It was so obvious what he was doing but I wondered I’d give him the advantage of the doubt. Nope, he was really trying to get in my panties… In front of my son and all his friends. This was embarassing but to be completely honest SOOOoo exciting!

As the game came to an end, I slid my panties down the side, grabbed his hand and let him finger me for a good 2-3 minutes. Making sure nobody could see us. Then I gave him a fake number and just left knowing that I would never see him again.

Thinking about this makes me so wet I can barely sleep. Not sure how bad it is…

NSFW: yes

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