I le[f]t a surprise for our house sitter

My husband’s friend Daniel was housesitting for us last week. He’s a really good guy who has not had great luck with ladies in the past 10 years. He’s pretty cute but has been dealing with depression and has put on a bit of weight. He still looks good but he definitely has some confidence issues. My husband has been teasing me lately telling me that I should “help him out of his slump.” When I found out he was housesitting I decided to leave him a nice surprise.

On the third day of our trip I asked him to text me when he got to the house because I needed something. When he got there, I directed him to look in the laundry basket in our closet. On the top of the laundry was a dirty purple thong with a sticky note that said “thinking of you” and had a link address. When he went to the link it was a video of me masturbating while wearing them. He sent me a video of him cumming with the panties wrapped around his dick. That night while my husband was fucking me from behind I imagined Daniel’s dick in my mouth and it made me cum super hard.

NSFW: yes

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