I jacked off my best friend while he sucked my nipples and called me mommy. (21F)


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we were just hanging out, studying together like usual when he casually mentioned how horny he was feeling. we started joking around, and the conversation took a naughty turn as we played with the idea of me being his mommy. and you know what? i wanted to help him out.

so, without hesitation, i decided to give him a hand. LIKE QUITE LITERALLY. i started jerking him off while he moaned and called me mommy. I was saying how he was such a good boy for me, and how mommy loved stroking his cock.

the mix of taboo and pleasure was electrifying. seeing him in that state got me even more turned on, so i let him touch and suck on my nipples as well. it was like a frenzy of desire and satisfaction.eventually, he reached his peak, and his load shot all the way up to his own nipple. it was an intense moment, and it made me realize how much i enjoy exploring my own sexuality. i mean, who knew being a good friend could be this arousing?

after he climaxed, he even bought me some food as a thank you gesture. Win win!

i have to admit, being there for my friend in his time of need was incredibly rewarding. it made me embrace my own desires even more 🙂

NSFW: yes

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