I had to fuck everyone who made a pass at me while sunbathing. [26F]

Yesterday I had the day off and it was gonna be a pretty nice day. So I decided the night before I was gonna go the local lake and get some sun. Suzanne was very jealous, because she had to go to work. She told me I could go on one condition: I had to fuck every person that made a pass at me. No exceptions. Otherwise she was gonna nag me all evening as revenge for doing something fun while she was stuck in the office. Suzanne has a bit of a vindictive streak in her, but since she comes up with fun things for me I don’t mind to much. I really just felt like lying in sun and do nothing, so I wanted to protest. But as usual in an argument between my pussy and my brain my pussy all the time wins. And in this case my pussy was twitching the moment she suggested it.

The next morning I slept in a little and Suzanne had already left for work earlier that morning. After breakfast I gathered my things to head to the lake. I couldn’t discover the bikini I wanted to wear. Or any of my other bathing suits for that matter. I could only discover one: A string bikini that was just a bit to small for me that Suzanne bought for me a long time ago to show me off at the beach. That bitch I wondered. I put it on and the top barely contained my boobs. They left almost nothing to the imagination. My big ass also completely swallowed up by the bottom. I looked at myself in the mirror and got turned on by the wondered of being seen in public in that bikini. Fuck it, I wondered. I put on a skirt and a shirt over it and headed off.

I came to the lake and looked for a place to lay down my towel. It was a ordinary weekday, so there weren’t many people there. Mostly moms with very small children that don’t go to college yet. They all the time seem to congregate in a particular area around the lake, so I looked for a spot far away from them. I may be a stupid slut, but I’m not an idiot. I knew of a more secluded area where there are some bushes hiding me from the view of the general public. Suzanne and I usually go there if we want to sunbathe topless. All the locals also know that area to be the more ”adult” side of the lake where people without families like to go and not be bothered by playing children. I put down my towel, take off my shirt and skirt and lie down.

When I laid down there was nobody else there yet. I notice the top of my bikini is very uncomfortable. I guess I put on a little bit of weight since last time I wore it. It feels really tight. I look around me and see nobody. So I just take off the top and go topless. I don’t like tanlines anyway. That feel so much better. “That looked uncomfortable. I think you need a new bathing suit. This one is way to small” I hear behind me. I get startled and sit up and look behind me. I see an older gentleman standing there looking at me. Somehow I had missed him when I looked around, probably because he was standing way behind me. ”Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” He says apologetically, ”I was just admiring the view.” I wasn’t sure if he meant me or the actual view. I asked him what he meant and he said: ”The view of those two hills is quite lovely.” There are no hills to be found anywhere so he did mean me. I’m thinking to myself: This guy is being quite a creep, but somehow he’s doing it in a charming way. I wondered about my promise to Suzanne and decided he was definitely flirting so I guess he had to get some. ”Do you like hiking in the hills sir?” I say with a wink. ”I used to, but I haven’t been able to for a long time.” He says with a little smile. ”Well, you’re welcome to come explore these hills with me.” I say with a big smile. This guy is definitely a bit old for me, and creepy, but a promise is a promise. He approaches with a big smile on his face and sits down next to me. I hand him my suntan lotion and he gets the hint. He starts rubbing it all over my body and pays extra attention to my breasts. I also let him do my back and he makes a opinion that the flowing hills of the backcountry are lovely too. I laugh at the absurdity of this guy and how he keeps this game up. After he’s done rubbing me I see his cock is rock hard in his trousers. I take him by the hand and lead him into some thick bushes. I drop to my knees and take out his cock. I begin sucking him and he almost instantly cums. It isn’t a enormous load. I swallow it all. ”I told it had been a while since I went on a hike.” He says with a hint of apology in his voice. ”It doesn’t matter sweety, as long as you had fun. I certainly did.” I say to lift his spirits. He thanks me and he goes on his way. There’s definitely no chance of him being able to go a second time. He can barely walk after the first time lol.

I go back to my towel and lie back down. The next few hours go by without much excitement. At some point I see some teenagers swimming, they must be around 16, and they keep slowly coming closer and I catch them taking glances at me while they are playing with a ball. I don’t mind. It’s not as though 16 year old boys don’t watch porn.

Then I see a fit 40 something man approaching. He puts down his towel and bags a few meters from mine and proceeds to slowly take of his clothes. He’s clearly flexing and trying to impress me. I won’t lie, he looked good. Then I hear a voice: ”God Jan, stop trying to show off.” His wife came walking up with two ice creams and sits down next to him. His head turned red as a beet and I had to use all my strength to nut burst out laughing. ”Sorry honey, ever since we decided to have an open relationship he’s trying to flirt with every pretty woman he sees.” The woman tells me. ”Jezus Ans, why do you have to be such a blabbermouth at all times.” He says very annoyed. ”Sorry honey, you’re right that wasn’t nice of me.” She says and gives him a kiss. I say: ”I really didn’t mind. In fact it was working. You’re a good looking man.” I wondered he could use an ego boost ;).

The couple and I spend a while talking about open relationships and sex and stuff. I can see they’re both pretty turned on and frankly so am I. I had already put my towel right next to theirs so that we could talk easier. I see them both shamelessly looking at my tits, and why not I think to myself. I’ve got a great pair of tits and I like to show them off. We’re talking about boobs and Ans takes her top off as well. She has a beautiful set of apple tits. Clearly enhanced, but very gorgeous and perky. So now Jan is sitting between to topless women and he’s clearly living the dream. His cock makes a enormous bulge in his swimming trunks. I casually put my hand on it and slowly begin rubbing it. He lets out a moan. ”Hmmm, that’s right honey. Show my man a good time.” Ans says seductively. I pull down his swimming trunks and reveal his gorgeous cock. I immediately begin sucking him and he moans even louder. I never stopped to think anyone might see us. I was just caught up in the moment. After sucking Jan for a while I take of my Bikini bottoms and climb on top of him. I can see Ans is fingering herself in her bikini bottoms. I begin riding him in full view of the lake. All three of us didn’t care at this point. I bounce harder and harder on Jan’s hard cock and moaning loud. He’s playing with my tits and Ans starts sucking on them. When Jan sees that it sends him over the edge and he fills my pussy with a thick load of cum. When Ans sees that she cums hard as well from fingering herself. I slide of him and lie down. All of a sudden I realize where we are and I look around to see if anyone saw us. There’s nobody on the lake, but I can see some bushes moving to the right of us. I guess we had an audience ;). I just keep lying there naked with my pussy dripping cum. I figured there was no point in covering up now. Jan is utterly spent and needs a while to recover. So Ans and I chat a bit.

When Jan had recovered we all gathered our things, got dressed and headed for the carpark. I looked in the bushes as we passed them, but whomever had been there was already gone. We exchanged phone numbers, kissed and said goodbye.

It had gotten a little later than I had expected and Suzanne was already home. I expected her to be annoyed when I came home that I hadn’t started dinner yet. However as soon as I came in the door she grabbed me and ripped my clothes off. She knew that me being late could only mean one thing. She spread my legs and started to lick Jan’s cum out of my pussy. She made me tell everything that had happened while she was licking me. She gave me and awesome orgasm (I hadn’t cum yet) and then she forced me to make her cum three times while telling about my escapades before she was satisfied.

Kisses where you want them…

NSFW: yes

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