I had sex with my boss’s son

I’m a house maid in Panama and I’ve worked for a family for 10 years now. 6 years ago I started to notice that my boss’s son started to look at me in a very different way. He started spying on me when I showered after I finished working, when I bent over when I cleaned or even looking at my breasts. At first I didn’t know what to think of this, but the more it happened the more I liked the attention, although I didn’t do much else than let him stare at me. One day his parents had to leave the country for som work thing and I was staying alone with their son. I started doing my usual routine as usual and I was gonna go to his room to leave sone fresh clothes that I had just washed. I went up the stairs and as soon as was a few feet away from his room I heard something in his room and I started approaching his room and I took a quick peak and I saw he was jerking off with his eyes closed. I stood there watching him jerk off while biting my lower lip and getting aroused by what I saw. I wondered about walking away, but I turned back around and I quietly went into his room still watching him jerk off and I stood beside his bed and asked him if he needed a hand. He opened his eyes and he was shocked and horrified that I had seen him jerking off. I sat on his bed and told him there was nothing to worry about and that I could help him relieve himself. He asked me if I’d really do it and I smiled and nodded and I started giving him a soft blowjob for 5 minutes until her cummed in my mouth. I swallowed and I pulled my skirt down and then my panties and got on top of him and slowly let his dick slide inside me. I started moving slowly and then I started to ride him quickly. I was so turned on by his moans and groans that I just started moving faster and faster until he told me he wasn’t gonna be able to hold it for much longer and seconds later he cummed a lot inside me. I laid there in bed beside my boss’s son and he was almost speechless, he couldn’t believe what we had done. He kissed me and thanked me for taking his virginity which surprised me because I didn’t know he was a virgin. We had sex for a few years without being caught by his parents, but now he has his own apartment and a gorgeous girlfriend, but I will all the time cherish that night we had for the rest of my life. I don’t regret a single thing and I would do it again.

NSFW: yes

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