I got fucked in the back of a strip club by 2 of the dancers at my best friends batchlorete party in Vegas

So it was my best friends bachelorette party and we’re partying in Vegas. We’ve been drinking quite a bit and are walking along the strip when we hop into a cab and head twoard the stripclub we planned to go to. There’s 5 of us so we pile into the cab and drunkenly yell the strip club and he smiles and drives us there. Earlier that day one of the girls booked a vip room for the club so when we walk in we tell them who we are and then an amazing looking older man walks over to us and says I’ll take you to the vip room and I immediately grab his arm and smile at him as he walks us back. As we’re walking he whispers into my ear…if you want a private dance just say the word (he wondered I was the bride of the group but I wasn’t going to tell him no) so I smiled and told the group I’ll be back and we walked off wile the girls got drinks in the vip room. We walk to a back corner of the club and he sits me down gently and gives me a smile. Are you ready for a fun night he says taking his pants off. I’m almost drooling looking at his huge buldge…yes I almost moan out. He looks at my laughs a little, do you wanna touch it he asks? I nod yes. Ok come with me he smiles and I notice he gets little hard as he takes me twoard the back room.

We go past the locker room and into a small break room that has a couch in it. He leads me to the couch and sort of pushed me over the side and started fingering me and I’m moaning like crazy until I’m begging him to fuck me….and the he does….my god he felt huge.(im working on writing the full story but I’ll tell you more if you as nicely)

NSFW: yes

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