I fucked my aunt

As wrong as it sounds, it was so right. When I basically matured or hit puberty, I started to realise how fucking hot my aunt really is. She was 40 at the time. She was the hottest woman I had seen, especially her ass. It was just majestic, the perfect size, the perfect shape, soft, jus to fuck her brains out. Whenever she would come round our house I’d all the time hug her extra long just to feel her smoking hot body.
A year passed since I became obsessed with her and now i just couldn’t withstand her. I wanted to fuck her soo goddamn bad that I almost went crazy. At this time I took a bit of a risk and started grabbing her ass when we hugged. She all the time chuckled when I did that but never really said anything. I would then just discover methods and places when we were alone to just hug her and squeeze her ass because it just felt soo fucking good. Her ass was just wonderful. I sort of figured she didn’t really mind it.
One night we were at my house and watching a movie on my bed. It was cold and we were the only people in the room. The whole house was asleep. She was 42 at the time and I was 18. I figured this might be the night I fuck her. We were watching a movie on her laptop under the covers and i slid my hand underneath her legs and squeezed her ass. She paused the movie. I got scared she might freak out. Instead she said,”you like doing that don’t you”. After that one thing lead to another and I undressed her fully and whispered in her ear,”you’re the hottest woman I’ve seen”. We started fucking and oh my god. I fucked her. I fucked her soo hard. It was sheet grabbing, hard moaning, screaming sex. She was every bit amazing as I wondered she would be. It was the most perfect night ever.
It’s been 4 years and we still fool around every now and then

NSFW: yes

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