I fucked a biker and he came inside me

I’m a female (24) and I ride my own bike. I happened to be on Facebook when someone added me. It was a hot, older biker. Not far from me either. As soon as I accepted his friend request, he messaged me. He was curious about me, my bike and who I was. One thing led to another and we got to talking everyday. We started talking quite dirty and I let him see me naked. He loved what he saw and wanted to come get me and bring me to the clubhouse for the weekend. So the day came and he came to get me. It was him and his buddy. He greeted me and told me I was so sexy and he was ready to go have fun. So we went to his clubhouse and had drinks and talked all night till it was time to go fuck. This man is 49 and he fucked me and blew huge loads inside me all night. Telling me how I’m his now and no one else’s and holding me down and telling me how tight and good I feel. To say I was sore is a understatement. I could barely walk the next day. I had the biggest smile on my face knowing I was full of his cum all day.

NSFW: yes

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