I [F26] hooked up with a guy [39] who worked at a college whilst I was a student there

I went to a speed dating event in my nearest city for Valentines Day (though it wasn’t actually on the day) after a friend pretty much begged me to go with them. I was very nervous and didn’t really expect much from it.

Some guys were nice, others were off putting. There was 12 different guys and we had 4 minutes to talk to each one.

The man in question [39], we got speaking about where we were from, to which I normally answer with saying they’ll not know where it is… turns on this gentleman did know of this tiny village… because he was a teaching assistant at the nearest secondary college many years back…

We got talking and it turns out he was a teaching assistant for 4 years there, and all of those 4 years, I was a student 😳 He didn’t know me and I didn’t recognise him, but the awkwardness made us connect easier.

We got chatting afterwards and exchanged numbers. We ended up having a few drinks to ourselves as well. One glass of rosé lead to another and eventually I was going back to his place.

If he hadn’t have been a member of staff at my old college, I would have still made a move, or hope he would have anyways. He was a good guy with good banter.

We went back to his and I ended up sucking his cock on his sofa, followed by riding him. He was a good shag, to be honest. I would have liked him to finish in my mouth as that’s my preference, but he couldn’t control himself and ended up cumming inside me (I’m on birth control).

We still talk now and then, but our schedules haven’t lined up since… unfortunately.

NSFW: yes

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