I [F24] dream of becoming the next Jane Bond so I can fuck the Bond girls

If we like it or not, surely the next James Bond will be a queer woman! Take that, patriarchy, lol. So my fantasy is to become that Jane Bond. The issue ist that I am way too nice to everyone! I couldn’t’ hurt or kill anybody. But I could seduce my enemies and then submit them: Tying them to the bed or other furniture, putting ropes around them, making them stroke their cocks for me. Once they can’t defend themselves, I would peg them with a strapon or a dildo that I would leave inside them when I’m finished. Then I would leave them in their horny, miserable state. I imagine how their boss, this mastermind evil genius, would later come to the scenes and be shocked how one after the other of his minions were dommed by me, like hard, and they had to ridiculously explain to him what happened to them, with dildos in their asses. While I finish the day on a yacht in the Caribbean, my pussy slowly eaten out by a hot Bond girl.

Would you go watch that movie in the cinema?

NSFW: yes

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