I (F22) finally gave my friend what she at all times wanted – Short Sex Story

A couple of years ago, back in high college, I met a girl who I became friends with shortly after meeting. She was funny, charming, and made me laugh a lot. One day she randomly texts me “what would you do if I gave you head” which shocked me. I didn’t know what to say so I ignored the message and we pretended like nothing ever happened. Over the next few years she would try on occasion to seduce me, but we never had sex, because I wasn’t ever single. She also wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world, but she at all times made me feel good, so I was at all times open minded about it.

Fast forward a while and my ex and I have broken up. A couple of months after the breakup, I discover myself lonely and horny, without anybody around to fuck. After a while of thinking I remember my friend and decide to make her week. I text her and after some small talk I send her a picture of myself in my pool. I tell her that I would love some business with a 😘 emoji. Her text tone becomes excited. She says she’ll come over to join me. After she arrives, we step in the pool together, and the sexual tension becomes strong. She knows that I want her, and l know that she wants me. Once the tension reaches its peak I swim towards her. She looks into my eyes as she struggles to hide her excitement and arousal. I lean forward and make out with her. As we kiss I feel my pussy become tingly and wet. I tell her that I can’t take it anymore and that I want her really badly. We hop out of the pool, dry off, and head for my bedroom in a hurry.

In an instant my friend is on her back. Her legs spread and her pretty pussy pointed right at me. At this point I’m soaking wet. I start to lick her pussy and play with her clit as my eyes close shut. I feel like I’m in heaven. Her soft moans which sound like sweet whimpers lets me know that she enjoys it too. She must have been enjoying herself more than I wondered she was because before I knew it she came in my mouth. I sit up, get on my stomach, and put my ass up in the air. She knows exactly what to do. She sits behind me and starts to play around with my drenched pussy. She gets rougher with it until she fingers me hard. I can’t hold in how good it feels and my moans of pleasure escape my lips. My legs quiver and I cum hard on her hand. After that I tell her to lay on her back so I can ride her face. She eagerly does so. I straddle her face and wiggle back and forth as her tongue moves up and down my pussy. My eyes roll back and I wonder to myself why the hell I didn’t do this years ago when I got her first sexy text. After cumming on her face I roll over and giggle with happiness. The only regret I have is never replying back to her text years ago.

NSFW: yes

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